Sunday, September 21, 2014

Three years ago

Can you believe it's only been three years since we completed our family by flying to China to bring Lucy home? They were so teeny tiny!
I asked Kate today if she could remember a time before going to China and she said no. Lucy, as well, doesn't have a memory that she can give voice to of her time in China. Although I know that there are certain things (smells, tastes, emotional imprints) that will remain in the fabric of her memories, she has adjusted beautifully and rightfully into the role of daughter/sister.

We ended our weekend of celebrating Family Day by trying a new place in Wicker Park called Bee and Tea. If you average out the ages of our children with Len's and my ages we might be in the right demographic to haunt Wicker Park locales...but we should dye our hair some color not found in nature. We are just not hipster enough...Len would need a much thicker beard and some plaid shirts, not to mention our complete lack of tattoos and suitably placed body piercings.

Kate tried her best and I think she upped our cool quotient by a few points with her hipster new haircut and sunglasses. The rhinestone-studded leopard tee helped as well.

The main draw for the girls was the bubble tea which we can get in our neighborhood but, and this is a big but, these bubbles can pop! Yep, you pick your flavor and you can get popping boba in your drink.  Kate chose exploding cherry in chocolate and Lucy chose the passionfruit/mango combination (but sampled liberally from Kate's drink as you can see below).

They have six types of bao and we tried them all. Kate's favorite was the quinoa and mushroom, Lucy's was a tie between butter chicken and teriyaki chicken. Len loved the chorizo and I couldn't decide between the butter chicken and the chorizo but honestly, all of them were delish.
 And so ends another year since our family was made complete on another continent. It has been quite a ride but I am so grateful that I am here to experience it. It's crazy to think that when I began this blog I had no children, lived in another state and was still recovering from multiple miscarriages. It has been 6 years since that first post and it seemed an eternity as we waited for our adoptions (Yes, adoptions, plural. Remember Nepal??) to be complete. Little did we know that in 3 years from that first post, I would give birth to an amazingly bright, funny little girl and then adopt a little spitfire, athletic clown to join her. Less than a year after our adoption we would be rocked again, with news of my cancer diagnosis and the battle that followed.

Thank you all for supporting us and caring about our journey by reading my words. It's a rare occasion when I am completely verklempt but thinking back on the road that our lives have taken in just 6 years and the friends we've made is...indescribable.


mommy of 2 said...

High fives for putting your journey into words (& pictures) and sharing them. Hugs!

likeschocolate said...

Yahoo for adopton and Congratulations! They are getting so big!


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