Monday, October 20, 2014

Family Photo Shoot 2014

As usual, we scheduled our family photo shoot for the Fall. Not as usual, we decided to save some money and share our photographing skills with some friends who also wanted some family photos. It finally stopped raining yesterday so we headed out with Christy, Fernando, Lucy D. and Baby Joy to try our hand at some amateur photography. The setting was lovely--it was the school vegetable gardens at Waters Elementary. I think we managed to get some lovely shots!

Joy is just so delicious---even Len had trouble not scooping her up!
The girls found a swing in someone's yard on the way to the park.
Our three big girls.

I really love this one of the the two Lucys and Kate.

These logs provided lots of amusement and plenty of photo opportunities.

Lucy was practicing "Namaste" pose.

Eskimo kisses.

More Eskimo kisses!
25 1/2 years strong!

We finally settled on these next two photos for our Holiday card so look for this to appear in the mail next month!


Elizabeth A said...

Just happened to check right after you posted! I love them. What a great opportunity to have some fun with your friends, save some $$$$'s and have some great photos to share. Your girls are getting so big I can see why Len scooped up baby Joy!

Lisa said...

Thanks Elizabeth and yes, we snuggle that beautiful baby every chance we get. L&K are little people now--getting so big!

Heather H. said...

Looks like you had FUN getting these pictures. Beautiful. Btw: I love your hair that way. I keep thinking someday I might grow mine again. Someday....when I actually can count on showering daily. ;-)


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