Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Sleety, Windy, Cold Halloween!

How we went from 77 degrees and sunny on Monday to 38 degrees and sleet by today is beyond me but I can tell you that Mother Nature's name has been changed to Mutha F'ing Nature after tonight's trick or treating! But weather-be-damned, I had two 4 year olds who had been looking forward to trick-or-treating for WEEKS. Here are my witch and fairy ready to go! We added some long johns to their outfits and as you can see, they are pretty excited about heading out!
That was this evening but let's back up and start at the beginning. Today they dressed up at school and exchanged treats. YiaYia and Pappou are in town so we decided to have lunch with our little monsters.
 YiaYia came as...a Greek YiaYia!

Kate and Avery were identical fairies.
 Yu lao shi was a cat.
Showing Pappou her workbook.
YiaYia was pressed into service reading to a few students.
Driving home required a deviation from our norm as Lake Shore Drive was closed. Seems Lake Michigan had flooded the road with 25+ foot waves! We made it home with no problems, ate some soup and suited up in pursuit of candy! Since we needed to walk several blocks away to get to the good candy neighborhood we loaded them in the stroller to save time walking.
We managed to get to one house before the sleet started.
You can see the sleet on YiaYia's hat.
Sideways sleet....

Fortunately the sleet only lasted for the length of a block and then it was just very windy and cold. But with candy to be had, my witch and fairy remained unfazed.

 The weather provided some spooky scenery.

We finished up around 7:30, loaded back into the stroller, cracked open some candy wrappers and called it a night!
Hope everyone had a much warmer and less wet Halloween!

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