Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Heart Letter, Month 58

Dear Lucy,

You are 58 months old today.  The big news this month is that you started Pre-K 2, full day school.
Let me say, it is wiping you out! You love the new schedule for many reasons but your favorite reason is that you no longer have to nap. Oh, make no mistake, you still NEED at least a 45-60 minute nap (which I make sure you get on the weekends) but getting you to take the nap at school was a bust. You were way too distracted to actually settle down to sleep. And surprisingly, you usually don't fall asleep in the car after school until Thursday or Friday. But you are completely DONE by the time supper rolls around...so  much so that I've inched supper up to 5:30 so you and Kate can be in bed no later than 7pm.

Our once very active schedule has skidded to a halt. Our days consist of going to school and coming home. If the weather is nice we'll venture out for a walk or a ride on your scooter or bike but mostly, all you and Kate want to do is hang out in the living room and play. Your favorite activity is to build caves out of blankets.

If this doesn't scream "I need a space to decompress from sensory overload" I don't know what does. After you have spent about 30 minutes in your dark cave, you two usually emerge and spend your time on art projects, dancing, dress up or legos.

Gymnastics began again this month and you are still enjoying it. You have become a lot stronger and less fearful and can now flip over the tall bar by yourself. Sadly, this blurry shot was the best I could capture of your flip!
You had a rather exciting daddy/daughter date last weekend. Daddy showed you a video of a Spartan kid's race and asked if it was something you might want to do. You were so excited about it that you talked about it for weeks and finally the day arrived. After a bit of hesitation at the starting line, you found your courage and finished the race strong, if more than a little muddy.

The other big event this month was a celebration of our Family Day--our third! September 19 marked three years since you joined our family and made us complete!

We celebrated the entire weekend, kicking it off by having Shuang and her friend Marcus over for supper.
The next day we headed to Wicker Park for some bao and bubble tea, much to your delight.

It has been alternately a long and short time since September 19, 2011. At times it feels as if it was just yesterday that you were placed in my arms, your weak, tiny cries masking your true, very strong voice. But most of the time it feels as if you have always been with us. Neither you nor Kate can remember a time when you weren't sisters....

nor can Daddy and I remember a time when you weren't our daughter. Our lovely, silly, vivacious, fashionista daughter!

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