Sunday, November 30, 2014

Black Friday adventures

We wrapped up our Thanksgiving weekend with our friends on Saturday with lots of food (Vietnamese for lunch, Chinese sze chuan for supper) and visiting at home. Friday, though, saw us taking the EL downtown to explore a bit. We started at the Christkindlemarket and got a shot of our group in front of the Christmas tree at Daley Plaza.

Every subway stop had a singer, much to the girls' delight.
 Lunch of deep dish pizza--a Chicago must-have!

Back in the tunnel, waiting for a train, headed for Michigan Ave. = ,more musicians.
This guy caught our eye and attracted quite a crowd.
The girls wanted to pose like him!
No trip to the Mag Mile with little girls is complete without a visit to the American Girl store. Lucy would not stop petting the long blond hair on the doll behind her--it was her favorite of all the dolls.
Kate headed straight for the books and wanted this one--she actually read the title and knew what it was about.
Adalah getting cozy in the egg chair.
Followed by Jodi!
They found the tent and piled in to perform a doctor exam on one of the babies.
Kate was finally lured over to the dolls by a gymnast doll. She was bummed to find out that none of the dolls had a pixie cut like her though. I asked at the hair salon (!!) if they would cut hair and they said no. The shortest cut on any doll was a bob. So sad.
Lucy, on the other hand, loved it all. I thought her head was going to pop off when she saw the horse and carriage.
Fortunately, we walked out with wallets intact and no crying children. Back on the subway to head home.

James was pretending that he didn't know us--he was way too cool for our shenanigans.
What a great way to spend the holidays! The girls were still talking about them today and we're already looking forward to seeing them again in 2015.

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