Saturday, November 1, 2014

Heart Letter, Month 59

Dear Lucy,

You are 59 months old today.
This has been a rather mercurial month for us...both with the weather and in your temperament. I think you may be passing from one developmental stage to the next as I see bits of maturity peeking through what has been a rather arduous slog through some less than desirable behavior. Your quest to always "be first" ("I want to go first!" or "It's MY turn to be first!" or just shoving the person who is first out of the way) has been getting you into trouble at home, at school and in gymnastics. I'm not sure when the lesson is going to sink in but so far, pulling you out of the lineup altogether and making you wait until everyone has gone, making you last, has not done much in the way of curbing your behavior.
But, as I mentioned, bits of maturity are peeking through. In fact, Yiayia and Pappou, who are visiting this weekend, both remarked on it and how you have grown and matured so much since this time last year. Your attention span for things like reading and following instructions has increased markedly.
You are commenting quite often about things you did with your China mom when you were a baby. This has happened just in the last couple of months as your awareness has grown of just how differently yours and Kate's lives were in your infancy. Even though we have talked a lot about your life in LuoHe orphanage, your comments revolve exclusively around your China mom and the things you think she did. As you were sorting candy for the Switch Witch with Daddy you commented, "My China mom said I'm allergic to this candy so we should give it to the Switch Witch." When Daddy said he didn't think you were allergic to it you retorted rather strongly, "My China Mom is smart so I think she would know if I'm allergic or not!" So into the container it went!
Your imagination is coming alive and is expressing itself in more ways than just how your life began in China. You have a lot more input into the made-up games you and Kate play every day after school. Whereas you used to let Kate provide the direction and the dialogue in your playtime, now you are much more apt to jump in and redirect or embellish what is happening. In an effort to show that you can read like Kate, you have taken to drawing your own books, stapling them together and then "reading" to us about what is happening in the pictures you've drawn. I must say, some of your stories are quite lengthy!

Your work at school is improving and you seem a lot more interested in numbers than you were previously.
But the bulk of your energy and focus continues to be in the physical realm. You are excelling at the monkey bars and are determined to learn to cartwheel.

You still require vast amounts of outdoor playtime which we try to get everyday after school.

What we don't get enough of, though, is just free time to play with old friends so it was quite lovely to be able to spend most of a weekend day with Lucy D. She is one of your favorite friends and you speak about her often when we haven't seen her in a while.

No matter how much I think I know who you are, you consistently amaze and confound me. You are growing so much...cognitively, emotionally and physically...it is sometimes hard for me to keep up!
I have no doubt that you are going to be one amazing, interesting lady when you grow up....because you already are a very special little girl.


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