Saturday, November 22, 2014

I never want to do that again

It all began last Sunday night. Lucy got up several times, coughing, complaining that her throat REALLY hurt, feverish, sweating. She ended up in bed with me while Len was booted to the guest room. He ended up getting Kate to school on the train while I stayed home with Lucy who was just as miserable as she could be.
She spent most of her day on my chest, wrapped in a blanket, sleeping.

Her temperature kept flirting with very high temps (at one point it was 104.9) so I kept her hydrated, doped up and in a tepid bath twice to get it back down. Unfortunately, as afternoon approached, it was time to go pick up Kate from school. And did I mention the Polar Vortex? It was frigid outside...not the best place to take a sick kiddo. Thank goodness our neighbor agreed to sit with Lucy while I was gone for the hour roundtrip to get Kate. Once home, Kate got right to work on her coloring and made a sign for Lucy...."Git wel soon Lucy".
Monday night was basically a repeat of Sunday night but Tuesday morning things went off the rails. Len was again faced with getting Kate to school except the wind chills were in the negatives which meant standing on a train platform was going to be brutal. Change of plans with Len driving Kate into school and then leaving work early to pick her up. This would have been great except that the traffic report revealed that all of Lake Shore Drive was closed and frozen over. Seems a bus caught fire and when they hosed it down, the water made the road into an ice rink. All the other roads were jammed to make up for the LSD closure. In short, Kate was going to be staying home too. Len finally made it to the train and that ended up being a 25 minute wait as the trains were delayed. With only one train coming through (instead of 3-4) you can imagine how packed the train was--so glad Kate was not on it with him!

Kate managed to amuse herself with Legos for most of the morning but by the afternoon, she started complaining about not feeling good. Uh oh.

Several calls to the doctor with the lists of symptoms revealed that they both had the flu. I was amazed at how sudden the symptoms appeared--really over just a few hours! Kate's temperature shot up, Lucy's kept going up and down and both were just miserable. By the time Len got home that evening I was in the weeds. Kate was vomiting, Lucy had diarrhea, and I was starting to feel the flu hit me too.

And no kidding, not more than an hour later, I felt like crap. I went to bed not long after the girls and didn't get up until Thursday! Len stayed home Wednesday and Thursday, plying us all with liquids and trying to avoid the germs.

To tell you just how bad it was, Kate willingly went in for a nap on Thursday at 2:30pm and didn't wake up until 7 when Lucy was getting back into bed for the night.
Kate got up to use the bathroom and have some water and then went back down until 9pm when she complained of hunger. Len fixed her some dinner and then she went right back down and slept all night.

Len needed to get back to work on Friday so we muddled through the day and I collapsed again last night quite early. So a full week of school was missed and I got nothing done in preparation for Thanksgiving or Lucy's birthday. We all seem to be on the mend now with no fevers but we still have coughing and runny noses to contend with. I'm not back to full speed at all and am actually headed for another nap right about...NOW.

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Heather H. said...

Lisa, that sounds Miserable! Glad your girls are on the mend and I hope you manage to enjoy your Thanksgiving. ((Hugs))


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