Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Love Letter, Month 58

Dear Kate,

You are 58 months old today.
Right as I was set to hit publish on this month's post, you came flying around the corner yesterday morning and whacked into the edge of our bar counter. Your scream sent me flying down the hall and the blood near your eye did nothing to help my already high blood pressure. After I managed to get us calmed down enough to take a look, this is what I found.
My poor baby. Daddy ended up getting Lucy to school on the train while we made a quick trip to Dr. Ettner. Fortunately, no stitches were required and you got a free day at home lolling about on the sofa.

Happily, this month has had a lot of non-bloody excitement which culminated with Yiayia's and Pappou's arrival for Halloween. You have been ready for both of those events for what seems like MONTHS. Your spirits were high even when it became clear that it would be too cold (not to mention windy and sleety) to go trick-or-treating without some serious outerwear. You fretted and clucked about the weather and how no one would see your costume but in the end, trick-or-treating and, HELLO! CANDY, won out, so off we went with long johns helping out under your costumes.

As your pumpkin became heavier and heavier with candy, you enlisted the help of YiaYia, grabbing it back only to run up and get more candy before asking her to carry it to the next house.
You love having your grandparents around and what better way than to have them join you for lunch at school? We got there while you were still having circle time with your costumes on. You have become quite attached to your new assistant teacher, Yu lao shi.

After lunch, you ran over to get your workbook to show Pappou.
Speaking of school, you told me that you were very proud to be named a "peacemaker" in the classroom. When I asked you what that meant, you said that you get to be the teacher's helper doing things like making the library shelves neat, arranging the pencils by color or helping with sweeping.

Earlier in the month, we got to enjoy several adventures. Since I rarely get one-on-one time with either you or Lucy, I decided to schedule your dental appointments for separate days and then take you both on dates afterwards, playing hooky from school. Our date was to the children's museum where you had the most fun painting your face.

The day was gorgeous and we went for a long walk down to the end of Navy Pier, enjoying some ice cream and the view back to the city before leaving to pick up Lucy from school.

I was lucky enough to chaperone your school trip to the pumpkin patch this year (and you were lucky enough not to be too sick to go this year!).
Your interests in cooking and money continue unabated.  As for the former, I introduced you to the stovetop this month. You learned how to make homemade hot chocolate for everyone! You were so proud to finally get to learn at the stove instead of from the safety of the counter.
Since your interest in money continues, Daddy and I got out the foreign money we've collected over the years. Did you know that Daddy used to have a keen interest in coin collecting when he was a boy? Looks like the apple didn't fall too far from the tree...
YiaYia surprised you by giving you some of the foreign money she had collected in her travels. You loved separating them by country and discovering how they look different from each other. Canada and England confused you though since there is the queen on both.
Reading and now, writing, are fast becoming something you must do every day in order for you to be happy. You came home from school with a book that you had written with your friend Scarlette: The Ant and the Worm, by Kate.
Ant and Worm. Worm and Ant fell in the surf.
Then they fell in an eggplant magic. Then they turned into a rainbow queen.
The End. 
The diary you got this summer is getting more attention these days as you write down secrets.
One of your secrets... "Lucy did push me over". 
Sisterly love is great, don't you think?

This month you decided that instead of just arranging your treasures on the floor, ("then I have to put it away and nobody can admire it..."), you would glue them onto paper. Here are just two of the MANY papers you created.

Your interest in math is growing and you come home every week triumphantly waving new, completed worksheets.
As usual, I shall include a few of your memorable quotes:

Lucy: What is 2+2+1?
Kate: 5!
Lucy: What is 4+1?
Kate: Still 5!

I like to eat my snack as soon as I get to school so I won't have to interrupt my work. I don't like to stop working to have a snack.

Kate: Are you ever going to get a new bike?
Mama: Perhaps. Maybe I should ask Santa for one.
Kate: Do you really think you should be sitting on his lap?

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