Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Christmas has arrived

At our house anyway. Lucy's party decorations were taken down Saturday evening to make way for the onslaught of Christmas on Sunday. The girls were kept busy (re: away from the glass ornaments on the big tree) with a small tree in their room. I have kept the fake tree from oh-so-long-ago when I taught high school English. I used to put up this small tree in my classroom. I'm so glad I kept it as it's perfect in their room.
They have decorations that they made in Houston with my friend Lisa H. Then they arranged a ton of stuffed animals around the bottom. It's quite festive.

Later on Sunday, our elf, Charlie, made his way from the North Pole to our home. It was a long journey and he greeted us with the familiar words often uttered by Len's dad when he would make the trek from Ocala to Orlando to visit us as newlyweds: "Ho Ho Ho, where's the john?"
This was greeted with much shrieking and laughter by the girls as they awoke from their naps (yes, you read that correctly--they both napped on Sunday for almost 2 hours!!) to find Charlie pooping starlight mints into their toilet.

Thank you to Nana for this idea. It's all downhill from here I'm afraid!

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