Monday, December 15, 2014

Hey Santa!

I think the wait to see Santa was almost too much for my sensitive Kate...

We started Sunday morning with a light breakfast in preparation for 2nd breakfast with the Swedish Santa (Tomten) later that morning. All was well until it came time to get dressed. Meltdown city. My armchair therapy thinks that she had just internalized and thought about this moment for so long that when it was finally here she collapsed. It was a sad sight (and made for really sad pictures).
Lucy was not having the same issues.
We thought distraction might work by getting out the Christmas tree headbands but Len fooled them with bunny ears. That got a smile!
Which lasted long enough for exactly one photo.
After a lot of crying and snot, we finally made it to the Swedish Museum and worked on some craft projects before breakfast was served.

 Finally, Santa!
So close and yet so far...
 It's hard to wait your turn.
Translation: I want a big girl bike.
We're next and posing for pictures was not happening!
 Holding onto sister for moral support. Kate was the timid one this time around.
Not so with Lucy. She hopped right up and started spouting off her wish: a big girl bike with pedals, streamers, a bell and a basket.
Kate was completely verklempt and uttered not a word, just stared at her list, hoping he would take it from there.
After assurances from the girls that they had been nice and not naughty, Santa wished them a Merry Christmas.
Later that night, Kate said to me:

"I think I was just scared about sitting on Santa's lap since it's been a whole year since I've seen him. That's a really long time Mama."

She also had these musings:
"Who gives gifts to Santa? Maybe Mrs. Claus? Who does he tell his wishes to? And who makes the presents for him?" 

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