Sunday, December 14, 2014

Love Letter, Month 59

Dear Kate,

You turned 59 months old two days ago.
This has been a volatile month for you (and thus, the rest of us). You go from pretty calm and happy to abject, wailing misery is less than 2 seconds. And once you are down there it is almost impossible to drag you out of it. It seems anything can set you off, from small things ("These socks keep bunching up!" "My tights are in my crotch!") to big things ("Lucy keeps getting all the presents--when will it be MY birthday?? I'm NEVER going to be 5!").
Your misery fills the room. Lucy actually said to you, "I'm not going to whine and cry when it's your birthday. I'm not going to make you feel bad on your birthday just because you're doing it on mine." You at least had the good grace to look a bit chagrined even if you didn't apologize.

The loud, angry, stomping away to your room was not meant as an apology, was it?

Fortunately, distractions (when they are big enough) still work and the arrival of your friends and the magician turned things around for a while.

It has been a very busy month in general which I think has added to the tension that vibrates on a low hum in your body these days.

We kicked it off by getting the flu. I thought you might be spared as I sent you to school and kept Lucy (who was already sick) home. Fate conspired against us though as the following day brought traffic gridlock on both the roads and with the trains and I had to keep you both home. By late afternoon, you were down too.
The only silver lining is that it all happened before Thanksgiving and we were back to normal with the arrival of our friends from PA. You loved having lots of kids around but you quickly became attached to Emara. You two look like sisters!
You were very much into Thanksgiving this year which was a nice change from years past. You were insistent that you help me with preparations (that didn't slow me down AT. ALL.).
You've gone from not eating any meat at all to eating the parts of the animal that most people would not care for, namely the turkey butt and the neck.

 However, I'm not convinced it's because you really like it. Rather, you know that it gets a strong reaction from people and therein is your reward.

You are into fireworks, my love, whether you make them explode yourself or cause them to go off in the people around you.

Please stop.
Thank you very much.


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