Monday, December 1, 2014

Lucy is 5!

Today my last "born" but oldest child turned 5. How did that happen?? Suddenly she just looks so much older! I know you are all expecting a heart letter but since her birthday party is not until Saturday, I am postponing the letter so I can include her birthday party pictures in her post.

Speaking of her party, we had a surprise in that department today. When I called to confirm the magician we had hired (complete with live bunny, balloon animals and levitating the birthday girl in a chair), we got a message back that he is in hospital with pneumonia and was cancelling his gigs. While I do feel badly for him, I have to say I felt more badly for me as I had to frantically call a bunch of other places trying to get someone with 4 days notice. I finally found someone who could come 1/2 hour later than the other guy and who doesn't do bunnies or levitations or balloons! And he cost more. Sigh. But he will teach the kids how to perform a few of the easier tricks so I guess that's something. Fingers crossed it's not a disaster.

Not wanting to make Lucy wait a week to celebrate her birthday with family gifts, we had a small family celebration at home and then brought cupcakes to share with her class at lunchtime today. She was a pretty happy girl! We started by opening gifts yesterday afternoon so she would have some time to play with them before starting back to school.
Last week Kate and I went to a local toy store to pick out our gifts to Lucy. Kate was so excited for Lucy to open her gift first--it is a bubble snake maker for use in the tub.

It got a good workout in the tub later that evening.
A real tool set from Meme and Papa was a big hit.

Len and Lucy went to a hardware store later in the day for some supplies on which to practice her tools.
Legos from Nana. Lucy was contemplating whether she should share the 600+ pieces with her sister...
 A tea party game and super cool night light from Tita Wheez and Uncle Terry were a hit.

Aunt Kathy and the boys sent a balance board which got a workout by everyone!

One thing Lucy had asked for was a game she could play by herself when she wakes up before everyone else. I found this great game, Screwball Scramble, which seems to fit the bill. You time yourself trying to get a marble through a series of mazes. It had her engrossed for most of the evening, much to Kate's dismay who also wanted to play.
Today Len and I joined their class in celebrating Lucy's birthday. But first up was our annual tradition--a new outfit for the birthday girl. It was so cold today though that long johns had to be worn underneath her dress!
At school we celebrated with a poster of her on each of her birthdays and a ceremonial walking of the earth around all of the 12 months, 5 times.

Qiong Wei lao shi lit a candle for each of her years and after we sang to her in both Chinese and English she blew them out.
Next up was talking about each of her pictures.
Then it was lunchtime!
 After lunch, Lucy passed out cupcakes to all the students.

 Pink for her mei mei.

 Carefully cleaning up afterwards.
 We left them as Yu lao shi began storytime.

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