Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Lucy's 5th birthday in pictures

Thanks to my friend Josephine we have many lovely pictures from Lucy's birthday party. She generously shared the photos she took so please enjoy! As I mentioned, it was all about Elsa and Anna this year and although it did not uphold the theme, I did put up the timeline Lucy made at school.

I have found that serving a grown-up drink at children's parties helps things along nicely with the parents, thus the Prosecco Coronation Juice in the background.

When our original magician cancelled at the last minute I was a little worried that the next person I found would not be very good but fortunately, he was more of an illusionist than a magician and kept everybody entertained. First up was the levitating cane.

 My favorite trick was when he tore up a newspaper, put it all back in one piece, then ripped it up again and produced not one but two birds from the pieces.  THAT got everyone's attention.

He got the kids involved by having them test the ropes to be sure they were real before he did more magic.
Oh they were closely inspected these ropes were.
The levitating table managed to scare some of them right out of their seats! Notice everyone is still seated, looking under the table to see how it works.
Then the table comes floating over their heads and kids start scattering.
Kate remained stock still, only looking up to see if she could figure it out.
She was studying everything he did.
Next up was a card trick. Lucy was listening carefully but never would pick a card.
Audience participation helped him choose a card to show to her.
She showed it to the audience.
But not to the magician!
 There's the card she picked!

 Even the grownups were surprised.

Next up was cake! Have you ever seen a happier girl?!

Jon enjoying a slice.
With sugar coursing through their veins, they ran around like a pack of wild animals, played a round of pin the nose on Olaf and then ripped into the goody bags.



After all of her guests departed, Lucy settled in to open her presents.
Lucy's granola from Pappou!

It was a great birthday! Thank you to everyone who helped make it special for her!

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