Friday, December 26, 2014

Visitors from Sweden

After an 18 month absence, Sara and family came back to Chicago for a visit! We were so delighted to host them for the weekend as they made the rounds visiting family and friends. It's amazing how you can pick right back up with good friends as if you had just seen them last week. I was happy to see that Lina, Kate and Lucy felt the same way! They picked up as if no time had passed and spent the weekend playing and brushing each other's hair (I'm so not kidding on that last part either).
Although we spent a good portion of our time with kids, we did manage to sneak off for some girl time. After a stroll in Andersonville, we were going to stop for a coffee but beer and mussels sounded much better (and it was!).
Meanwhile, Gustav and Len had the girls at the playground.
Apparently you can't get good Chinese food in Sweden so by request, we ordered some duck and bao and feasted at Sun Wah. Lina was so proud to eat duck for the first time!

Mornings came early with 4 kids...
Sunday afternoon shopping!
Monday we met up with Ms. Julie, Josephine/Ben and Alison/Ava at the Swedish American Museum for some playtime.

 We took a short break for a Mediterranean lunch.
Then back to the museum.
It was a short, whirlwind weekend but we'll see them again for Kate's party in a few weeks before they fly back to Sweden.

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