Monday, January 12, 2015

5 years old

Today is Kate's birthday! I cannot believe she is 5. (Yes, I'm going to say a version of this every year on her birthday--it's a mother's imperative). We had her birthday party yesterday and she was in heaven (once it started--we had a tiny meltdown right before the party over, what else, how her pants were fitting...). I'll post pictures of the party and her love letter once I see the photos my friend Josephine took. She was lovely enough to photograph Kate's party as well (she took some beautiful shots at Lucy's party) so I want to include those as I'm sure they will be 10x better than the ones I took.

Anyhow, we celebrated Kate's birthday at school today so that is my focus for this post after I take a short detour and wish Ava a happy 5th birthday as well. Ava is Kate's friend and they were both born today. We attended Ava's birthday party on Saturday.
This was the weekend of parties. Right after Ava's party, we had just enough time to come home for a snack before Len took them to Hanson's party (a classmate who turns 5 tomorrow).

So, back to today, Len and I arrived right as circle time was wrapping up and heading into counting Kate's years on earth.
Make a wish!
Kate made a timeline with a picture of herself at each age. She chose Lucy and Daddy to hold the ends while she talked about how old she was in each picture and what the picture was about.
After lunch, Kate takes requests from her classmates for either vanilla or chocolate sprinkle cakeballs from West Town Bakery . OMG they were so good--way better than the store-bought cupcakes I usually buy and a much more manageable size for little hands.

After school I found I needed to shovel in front of our garage so the girls enjoyed themselves playing in the snow while I made a path for the car. They were still going strong by the time I finished so we stayed outside for another 30 minutes while they rolled around and goofed off.

They were so exhausted both from this weekend's activities and the snow play that they were in bed, asleep, by 6:30pm. And I'm following as soon as I hit publish!

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Jodie said...

I believe that I may be right there with you....EVERY YEAR....saying "I can't believe she's......." :) It truly is a monumental moment each year considering the journey you had prior to her birth. It makes me so happy to think of you having both Kate AND Lucy.....and being the best mom EVER! ;) Now...may I just say how insanely jealous I am of the SNOW in these pics?!?!? UGH! I want to be playing in it with the girls! :D Happy, happy birthday, sweet Kate! You're beautiful like your mommy. :)


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