Thursday, January 29, 2015

Archaeology (and jealousy)

In case you were wondering what all the banging was while Lucy was reading to me (in yesterday's post) , it was Kate the archaeologist. Lina gave both girls gift certificates for their birthdays and Kate chose this to spend her money on.
It is a plaster form with fake gems hidden inside.

*Lucy had a rather challenging weekend with following house rules and thus lost the privilege of a shopping trip until next weekend.

It took Kate two afternoons to methodically chisel her way through the block (which is why Lucy's outfit is different in the video below).
Archeologists from Lisa on Vimeo.

We had to get creative with safety goggles!

The video doesn't show it but Kate did let Lucy have several go's at chiseling but once she found the crystals, she wanted to get them out herself. Lucy's new thing is to hover (well, to be fair, she has always hovered when someone has something that she doesn't) and say, "I wish I could do that" punctuated with heavy sighs.

We are finally in that stage in their virtual twin-ness that they pick very different things. Lucy said repeatedly that she didn't want to spend her gift card on the same thing, she has her heart set on yet another stuffed toy (god help me but I fear I may find her buried alive under all her stuffed animals one day). But that didn't stop her from wanting to do Kate's project.

"I wish I could do Kate's toy and still get something for me. This is making me jealous."

It's a sad day in a child's life when they realize they can't have their ice cream and eat everyone else's too.

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