Saturday, January 24, 2015

Flute lessons

For the past 6 months or so, Kate has mentioned nearly 3-4 times per week that she really wants flute lessons. I'm still not sure where she came up with the flute as her instrument of choice but she settled on that and would not be deterred. No matter that flute lessons are not the typical after-school fare offered in most music classes (her school offers violin and piano, natch).

So I did a little on-line searching and asked if she was even old enough to try the flute. Does she know her letters and can she read? Yes. Can she count? Yes. Is she motivated, i.e. will she practice? Uh, yes. Are her fingers/arms long enough to hold a flute? No.

But it turns out that they make flutes for just this problem--it's called a curved head instrument.
They are hard to find but the flute instructor from the New Music School called around and found one that I could RENT! So happy to rent as, you know, 5 year old, very expensive instrument, short attention span. It could have turned into a costly experiment. So this has two heads and for now, Kate will use the curved head as it shortens the space between her mouth and the fingerpads.

We were also lucky in that, although Steve (the flute teacher) works downtown at the music school, he lives nearby so he hopped on the El and came over today to do a trial 30 minute lesson to see if she is indeed ready for lessons.
Flute from Lisa on Vimeo.

Although I didn't capture her first strong note on tape, she did manage to get a couple of strong clear notes out of the headpiece. He will also be teaching her to read music so he started that today as well with an introduction to quarter and half notes, the treble clef or G clef, measures and staff.
Flute lessons from Lisa on Vimeo.

Her eyes lit up and she was beaming when he played a short opera piece for her on his flute and then the lesson was done.  She was sold. She promised to practice her homework three times this week so for now, it looks like Saturday afternoons will be devoted to the flute!

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