Friday, January 2, 2015

Heart Letter, Month 61

Dear Lucy,

You were 61 months old yesterday. Happy New Year!
This month was all about Christmas! After we made it through your birthday festivities, you seemed to chill out a bit and were not as hyper as you were in the month leading up to your party. Christmas still had you on high alert but it didn't seem to cause as much angst as the lead-up to turning 5. In fact, you were excited to try to find our elf, Charlie, every morning, with one exception:
When you got up from your nap to discover Charlie pooping starlight mints, you came running out the bathroom and cried: I can't go to the baffoom because Chawees on the potty!

Otherwise, you were excited about EVERYTHING having to do with Christmas! From picking out the perfect tree...
To decorating the kid tree in your room...
and especially getting all dressed up to go see Santa:

You were not the least bit timid about telling Santa what you would like for Christmas: a big girl bike with streamers and a bell.
An early Christmas present was having Lina and her family come back from Sweden to visit with us for a long weekend. You, Kate and Lina picked up your friendship as if the past 18 months apart had not happened.

Christmas finally came and you were not disappointed.

You have spent nearly every day since Christmas on either your bike or your scooter or both! Thank goodness we haven't had any snow, amiright?

In between all the festivities, you found time for two of your favorite things: dressing up and dragging your pony all over the house,
and a new-found favorite, writing! Things are starting to click into place in your mind and letters are part of that clicking. You are recognizing your letters with more consistency and the sounds they make are starting to be something you can recognize. More importantly, you are much more INTERESTED in learning them. Your face when you realize that you can read a letter and make the sound is priceless.
Nana was here for the last part of the month much to your delight. This led to some interesting comments on your part that were worth saving for posterity:

Lucy to Nana: How old are you?
Nana: 76.
Lucy: Whoa! (A few seconds pass) Will you make it to Christmas?

Lucy to Nana: You hair looks like cotton. I wish I could rub my face on that.
I realized that I had wanted to include a yearly interview in your last birthday post but alas, I forgot to actually interview you in time so here it is, your answers to the following questions:

Favorite Color: Yellow
Best Friend: Scarlette and Camilla
Favorite Animal: Gorilla (I think you were trying to be funny because your answer is usually a dog)
What do you want to be when you grow up? Veterinarian
Favorite Movie: Frozen  (Shocker)
Favorite Book: Ladybug Girl
What makes you happy? Coloring
What makes you sad? Not having something that I want.
Favorite Food: Bananas
Favorite Song: Let it Go (yes, yes it is....over and over and over, at the top of your lungs and off-key)
Favorite Game: Candyland
Favorite TV show: Sheriff Callie

I love you  my little monkey.

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