Saturday, January 17, 2015

Kate's birthday in pictures

My friend Josephine was kind enough to photograph Kate's birthday as she did for Lucy's. I think she got some really lovely shots! We celebrated Kate's birthday with a party on Sunday. The theme was candy and I hired a local kid's science-themed outfit, Mad Scientist, to do some experiments and then make cotton candy (since that in itself is a science/chemical reaction). It was a success judging by the smiles and laughter.
Tirzah and Stephanie
Sara and Christy
Candy-themed decorations.
Winter cranberry cocktail for the grownups!
 The mad scientist's table.
Checking out the guests as they arrive.
Lucy's new thing is to pretend to be a horse so Kate is constantly riding her around the house.
Lina's brother, Leo.

Fernando and Joy

Let the experiments begin!

Camilla is focused.
 How to get the egg into the beaker?
With a match!

Lucy D.
This looks like a laying-on-of-hands, camp meetin' style!

Scarlett is amused

The amazing powers of suction. First to try to pull it apart, Kate and Lucy.
Then Ben and Lelio.

Then Lina and Malakai.
Finally, Kate tries again with Angi--the scientist.

Pop! Angi released the air and Kate went flying!

Showing how heat and air pressure can cause a cap to fly down the hall.

The final activity was to make a Super Ball. You add crystals and water to a mold and in a short while you have a pretty bouncy ball on your hands.

This is Andrew (on the far right) who, Kate informs me, she is going to marry. He apparently has already asked her and she has agreed. Hanson is in the middle serving as a chaperone.

Next up was cake! After being sung to in both Chinese and English, the birthday girl made a wish and blew out her 5 candles.

Finally--she got her mouth on that giant lollipop! She had been waiting for that ALL DAY.
 Next up was the candy bar. Grab a bag and fill it up!

Don't forget a toothbrush!

In case there wasn't enough sugar, cotton candy was the final treat of the day.
Earlier in the day, Len and I had given Kate a jade necklace of a tiger--the Chinese symbol for the year of her birth. We got that when we were in China--one for each of the girls on their birthdays. You can just see her necklace in this photo.

Life is sweet!

Sharing her lollipop with Daddy. I'm frankly not sure how many people licked that--she was holding it up to anybody who would stop long enough.

After most everyone had gone, we found ourselves with just our old playgroup left. The kids fell back together as if no time had passed, giving the grownups some time to visit and finish off the cocktails for another hour.

I'm so glad they stayed as this is the last time we'll see Lina on this trip.
Ben signing Kate's poster.

 Not sure why Fernando was being mobbed....
Just me and my candy necklace and little pensive introspection.
The three L's.
Ava and her mama, Alison. Love this photo of them.
Most of the old group!
Josephine, in a rare moment from behind the camera, Christy, Sara, Alison and me.
After a bit of cleanup and some solid food, we opened gifts. Lucy insisted that Kate open the gift from her first.

It was a fishing game they can both play. Lucy remembered this game from Ben's house (which has been at least 1 1/2 years ago....) and wanted to get it.
Since Kate is very into money (both foreign and domestic) you will see a theme to some of her gifts. Swedish coins from Lina and Leo.
Bills from the Philippines from Ben. She was in awe over getting some actual bills in a very nice money pouch.
Shark's teeth from Nana's special collection (the white tooth fell onto her lap).
 A  Dr. Seuss book of Me, Myself and I from Meme and Papa.
Collectible coins that were printed on her birthday in 2010 from the US Mint--a gift from YiaYia and Pappou.
An apothecary cabinet from Mama and Daddy to keep her treasures safe.

Surrounded by her loot. Lucy is dying, DYING, to get her hands on something, ANYTHING! They finally settled into a game of Simon.
Later, as Kate was sorting through her pile, she decided that since she had received two Palace Pets, she would give one to Lucy. She even let Lucy pick the one she wanted (the red one). Those are the moments when I think, "Ok, all is not lost. They are turning into polite, caring, generous little people after all!"
So now we are free of stressful, upcoming holidays for a while. I have made it clear that no gifts are exchanged for Valentine's day, that it is more about sharing your love for others by being kind, doing small things for friends/family (like making cards or sharing toys) in the hopes of staving off the frenzy we've had in the past few months.  We've been practicing our gratitude by writing thank you notes for all of her presents. She writes a couple per day so if you are waiting for a card, you should have one in your mailbox by early next week!

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Elizabeth said...

Happy Birthday Kate! Wow! You had an incredible party. It looks like it was so much fun. The scientist had some really neat experiments. Simon is a fun game. I had it when I was little.


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