Monday, February 23, 2015

A little birthday cooking

Today is Len's official birthday--49 years old! Yesterday, though, was the day we celebrated. Ms. Julie came over in the morning, much to the girls' delight,
and took them to the Children's Museum so Len and I could have a date (during the day, when we are much more awake to enjoy it). We started out by walking to our local coffee shop for sustenance.
Then we walked to the local kitchen store where I had registered us for a cooking class. The theme was Ramen noodles (yes, the staple of college kids everywhere!) and the menu sounded great. We made our own noodles and then cooked up a soup, a salad, a main course and dessert. When all was cooked and eaten, 3 hours had passed by and we were full and happy.

 BBQ pork ramen noodle soup
Ramen noodle salad on the left, fried chicken and shrimp glazed ramen noodles

 Japanese donuts with lavender syrup
It was a great way to spend some time together and I love that it was all in our neighborhood, no driving required! Happy birthday Len!

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