Sunday, February 22, 2015

Choosing to listen

Sometimes I am so glad that I just keep my mouth shut. This morning was one of those occasions and I'm happy because I learned something (as is often the case when I listen instead of talk).

I walked into the living room to find Lucy diligently setting up this:
She asked me to play a game she had made up so I sat down to listen. The game was to go thusly: you choose a letter and then looked to see where it would go. Then after you had looked at it, you were blindfolded and you had to fit the piece into the puzzle. Now I ALMOST said, "Why are you looking at the pieces and the puzzle and then blindfolding yourself? You already know the letter and where it goes...why don't you blah blah blah, mommy knows best and this is how the game is supposed to be played...?"

Instead, I kept quiet, followed her lead and realized that something amazing was happening.

A. She had voluntarily chosen a spelling game to play with (so NOT something that she would normally choose).
B. She had sorted the letters so that like was with like.
C. She had set up her game much like she sets up her work at school.
D. She was choosing to learn the letter by using senses other than sight or sound--feeling the shape of the letter in both positive and negative space and then matching the pattern up (yay for Montessori school!).

I'm so happy that I got out of her way and let her choose the best way for her to learn. In turn, I learned a lesson as well.

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