Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Couch potato

I guess when you go from lounging on the couch in sub-zero weather to outdoor walks and Pilates Reformer classes in sunny, 70 degree weather, you might end up with a little muscle strain. That was the conclusion of the oncology tumor board yesterday. Dr. Z called me this morning with the results of their analysis of my MRI scans: the ill-defined area looks like a muscle strain/tear. Which makes sense to me since the day before my MRI I did a pretty intense (for a beginner) Pilates Reformer class and both of my thighs were on fire afterwards.

I guess I should work out more often to avoid straining my muscles and sending everyone into a panic. On the other hand, I never had these problems when I was prone on the sofa...

Bottom line is that I've been released from scans until next year. What a relief!


Elizabeth said...

Oh Lisa, that is fantastic news. So glad you posted.

Jennifer at HillandHome said...

Great news! Yes, I guiltily dusted off my Pilates DVDs recently and was fairly sure I had pulled a hamstring! I just returned to the couch for a couple of days and felt better :-)

Jennifer from DC


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