Thursday, February 5, 2015

Desmoid tumors -- dangerous when not treated as cancer

As I mentioned last May, I was released from every 6 month MRIs to every 9 months. My 9 months is up next week so I will be traveling to Houston for another MRI-cation. Although the news has been good I always seem to have some anxiety in the weeks prior to another scan. As I was online checking my appointment schedule, I came across a podcast with my surgical oncologist that I had not heard in all my research following my diagnosis. Although Dr. Pollock has since taken a position with Ohio State, and although I still do my followups with MDA since my radiation oncologist is there, if and when I find that I need surgery, I will most definitely seek him out again.

This podcast is a bit shy of 20 minutes but it's a pretty comprehensive overview of what I have. I was one of the patients who he tested for beta catinine, which indicates a high rate of aggressive recurrence, (I was positive for that) and he gives a pretty good explanation of that in here as well.


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