Tuesday, February 3, 2015


A few months ago we got tickets to see Disney on Ice, Frozen and yesterday was finally the day to go. Having learned my lesson where Kate and anticipation is concerned, I never told either of the girls about this event until the morning we were to go. The forecast called for snow but I figured, hey, it's Chicago in February so of course it's going to snow. We've managed thus far so how bad could it be? Try blizzard warnings starting for 2pm and lasting until well into night. Right about the time we would be traveling to/from the show. Didn't anticipate that!

After weighing our travel options we decided not to do public transportation as the wind and snow were literally impossible to stand outside in for very long. Between the train and bus transfers + the walk from the bus stops that just sounded like a nightmare. So we drove in and got a spot very near the door! So far so good.

Can I just say how great the girls were for a 2 hour live show? They were awesome! They loved the show and only lamented a few times about buying whatever the food/toy hawkers were trying to sell us before the show and during intermission. I brought in a giant bag full of snacks to ward off the $20 snowcones (no, that is not a typo--the snowcones were $20 b/c they were in a fancy Olaf cup) and popcorn. We did spring for one take-home item--memento pillows that now hold a prominent place in their beds.
Snacks from home!
Clutching their pillows and ready for the show to begin!

The big finale got both girls out of their seats.

We bundled up and headed out to the car. The first gust of wind as we stepped out of the building was amazingly strong. It nearly knocked us all down and we had to hold onto the girls and try to shield them from the wind with our bodies as we made our way to the car. Once inside, Len set about scraping the snow and ice off the car and shoveling us out of our spot.
 Believe it or not, the parking lot had been fairly clear when we arrived. As you can see, the snow was about a foot deep because of the drifting and blowing snow.
We stuck to the main roads and managed to get in a convoy that was following a line of salt trucks (the yellow lights in the distance).
We made it home relatively easily but then we turned the corner into our alley and saw this:
this truck was stuck in front of us, just yards from our garage. Len got out to help dig but unfortunately, the driver of the truck had no idea how to drive in the snow and everytime he got pushed out, he would go a few feet and then put on his brakes and stop! You NEVER STOP in snow this deep! So we sat in this alley for 45 minutes (FORTY FIVE MINUTES IN THE CAR WITH FIVE YEAR OLDS WHO HAVE NOT HAD SUPPER) while he inched his way down the alley.  Meanwhile, our car is quickly being buried.
We finally got in the garage and upstairs nearly an hour after turning into the alley. Len got the girls ready for bed while I fixed up a quick supper and they passed out quite soon after.

School was cancelled yesterday so we headed outside to play. It took us 40 minutes to get in the proper layers just to go outside. (long underwear, pants, long sleeve shirt, fleece jacket, snow coveralls, coat, hat, scarf, snow gloves, wool socks, snow boots....times three).
Both girls helped me re-shovel the alley in front of our garage and then we headed to the front yard to play. We wanted to build a snowman but the snow was so deep and so heavy that they opted instead to just lay down.

This morning we layered up and headed down to the car since school is open again. Fortunately I checked the alley before pulling the car out as I found cars stuck in the snow at both ends of our alley. As we were debating public transportation options, one of the cars got out so we loaded back into the car. After the girls were buckled in again, we checked the alley and ANOTHER car was stuck. So. After more back and forthing over getting the girls to school and then a debate about picking them up after school I decided we were going to take another snow day. Not ideal but better than getting stuck in the alley without Len there to help push should we get stuck!

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