Monday, February 2, 2015

Heart Letter, Month 62

Dear Lucy,

You were 62 months old yesterday.
If I were asked to describe your personality, silly would be at the top of the list. You LOVE being silly! The pinnacle of your day is to make everyone you see, laugh or at least smile. And most times you are successful. Your unique combination of funny antics, dancing about and general enthusiasm for life is nothing if not contagious.
We've kept life interesting this month with a series of playdates,

adventures to local museums

and birthday parties, all of which has made you, in particular, happy. Very rarely do you begrudge someone else's birthday as long as there is plenty of fun to be had and cake to eat. In addition to Kate's birthday party, we also celebrated with your classmate Hanson at a local inflatable jump place and with bowling for your friend Ava.
Speaking of birthdays, you finally got the chance to pick out your birthday present with your gift card from Lina. You missed your first chance (more on that later when we discuss your listening skills) at the store so we went this past weekend. After inspecting every single aisle in the toy department (and touching damn near every toy), you settled on a talking bird you aptly named Tweety.

I have to say that all is not sunshine and rainbows this month. I fear that when I (or Daddy and sometimes your teachers) speak to you, all you hear is white noise or the voice of Charlie Brown's teacher, "Wah Wah Wah, Wah Wah Wah Wah." I wish I were kidding.

Today, for example, you woke up at 0 dark thirty and, as usual, Daddy said you could play quietly in the playroom with strict orders NOT TO OPEN THE DOOR WHERE KATE WAS STILL SLEEPING. Before Daddy's head hit the pillow, we both heard your bedroom door open and, click!, on when the light. By the time Daddy got down the hall he found you sitting on Kate's bed, lights blazing, talking to her to get her up. Seriously?? WTF? (And yes I know I just used that acronym in a 5 year old's love letter but this situation calls for serious words).

I've lost count of how many times you've done this in various scenarios and when I ask you why, this is the exchange that unfolds:

Mommy or Daddy: Lucy, what did I ask you to do?
Lucy: Not to do it.
M or D: "Not to do" what?
Lucy: whines and sometimes yells something unintelligible
M or D: Not. To. Do. What?
Lucy: Not to do what you say!
M or D: Lucy, I asked you not to "insert various things 5 year olds should not do like hit her sister, throw toys, touch the open flame on the stove". Why did you do it again after I JUST asked you not to?
Lucy: Because I wanted to.
M or D: Head explodes.

The same scenario repeated itself at school this month. Apparently you decided that pulling all of the tissues out of the tissue box and making your friends laugh was a better decision than stopping when Yu lao shi asked you to. Fortunately, we put your new writing skills to work penning an apology note.
Otherwise, I have to admit that you are a pretty easy child to parent. I think Daddy and I are hoping that this is just the "Age of Not Listening" and that this too shall pass.

So let's end this on a high note shall we? Guess what you came home with? A first reader book! And you were so excited about it that we sat right down after we got home so you could read it to me. I can tell that letters and numbers are finally starting to find their niche in your brain. I can tell because your eyes light up and you actually ask me to help you with reading or writing. You even brought home your school workbook one night to show me how much you were learning and during Parent Night you proudly showed me your math work.

I am so very proud of you. You have learned so much in your few short years as our daughter and it is amazing to watch you figure out how the world works.
I have no doubt that you will be successful in whatever you choose to do because you are strong, intelligent, and most of all, resilient. Maybe just focus a bit more on those listening skills mmmkay? I love you LucyJuice.

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