Thursday, February 12, 2015

Love Letter, Month 61

Dear Kate,

You are 61 months old today.
This month has seen you much calmer and happier for the most part. With the excitement of the holidays and your birthday over with, you have settled back into school with open arms. You thrive with order and routine ruling your days and only get super grumpy and out of sorts when you are worried about upcoming events, even if those events are something you want to do.

Case in point: flute lessons. You were so excited to start flute lessons but as the day approached for your first lesson, you were a ball of tantrumming nerves until Mr. Steve showed up.
All went well and you even worked on your homework with minimal fuss on my part but by the next Friday and Saturday before the second lesson, you had completely lost it. Tantrum doesn't seem to do it justice, it was just so....monumental. Colossal even. And it lasted for a good bit of Friday and all of Saturday. I'm not sure why you didn't believe me when I said I was going to cancel your lesson if your behavior didn't improve but alas, you pressed on. It was so bad that I had to call Mr. Steve an hour before he was due to arrive and cancel your lesson. You were furious (FURIOUS!) and even though I didn't think your raging storm could expand further, you proved me wrong.

"I hope you die! I hate you! You are the worst mama ever! I don't love you anymore and I'm going to never do anything you say ever again!"

I thought I wouldn't hear these words until you were at least a tween but since you seem older than your years in everything else, I suppose it follows suit that your tantrums would be advanced as well. You completed the tween/teen drama by stomping to your room with your hands on your hips and slamming the door. It was textbook Lisa---as a teenager though. I was not quite so volatile as a 5 year old, or so I'm told.

As these things do, the storm calmed, you apologized, we discussed how actions have consequences and we moved on. I think the lesson stuck as your behavior improved so we commenced with lessons once again. This time you were able to pretty consistently make sounds out of the head joint so he taught you how to assemble the body and foot and position your fingers.
Your homework now is to play the B note consistently and to play two songs (Mary had a little lamb is one of them) with just the head joint using your finger on the end to change the note.
Your face positively glowed when you were able to actually play a song this way! I am not normally a very emotional person but seeing your face light up with the sheer joy of your accomplishment made me tear up. You looked at me, concerned, so I had to explain the difference between happy and sad tears which made your face flush again with joy.

We've had some exciting adventures this month but I have now learned NOT to tell you about ANY of them in advance. You just don't do anticipation well at all. You fret and worry and work yourself up to such a state that by the time the event arrives you are a ball of nerves (and so are the rest of us) and I'm sorry I ever planned anything. Now I just wait until an hour or so before we are to leave for the event, announcing it nonchalantly like it's just another trip to the grocery store, and you are much happier.

The biggest event, which I was DYING to share with you since I purchased the tickets in December, was Disney on Ice--Frozen.

(By the way, I should get some sort of prize for keeping these kinds of things under wraps. I love more than anything to surprise you two with an outing and then relish the days leading up to said adventure. I ENJOY having something to look forward to. And I don't keep surprises very well. I cannot tell you how many times I almost slipped up and told you, especially since there was a giant billboard of the Disney event on the train bridge right in front of daddy's building. We drove past that damn thing every day and every.damn.day you and Lucy would comment about how nice it would be to go to the show.)

The lack of drama surrounding the day of the event confirmed that I had made the right decision in springing it on you so off we went. Daddy surprised you both with Frozen pillows to hug as the show commenced.
You and Lucy are still talking about how great the show was and when you can go again.
Other adventures included a trip to the Children's Museum. You and Lucy joined forces to make a pretty interesting clay face.

You enjoyed your first drop-off cooking class although you were quick to point out to the teacher that the mac and cheese would have been much better with kale. You scarfed down the peach cobbler instead, leaving the mac and cheese for Lucy to have as leftovers.
Otherwise this month has been about snow! We got our first blizzard much to your delight as it meant two days off school, lots of outdoor playing and many mugs of hot chocolate floating with marshmallows.

You even made a picture of our house.
As always, your use of language continues to astound me:

You: Mom! I can't find Luce.
Me: If you're playing hide and seek then you need to go seek her.
You: I'm not aware if we're playing hide and seek or not.
Me: Well, if she's hiding then I'm assuming you're playing hide and seek.
You: Well, no one made me aware of this.

You to Lucy: Pretend it's my 38th birthday.

Since you are 5 going on 40 I thought this was a pretty appropriate thing to pretend.

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