Wednesday, February 4, 2015

More Snow Day pictures (and some sweet parking skills)

Since we couldn't get out of our alley yesterday, the girls stayed home from school. Not wanting to waste a beautiful (albeit cold) day inside, we headed out around 10am to make some mischief.  We pretended to be on an arctic adventure as we walked around the block to the closest playlot. We made X's in the snow so we could find our way home and "climbed across the mountains" (all the giant piles that were shoveled off the sidewalks) to get to the winter wonderland that was the park.

The slide was much more fun filled with snow!

Because using the stairs was too boring, they kept climbing up onto this bridge except that Kate's legs were too short (and all the puffy clothes don't help with stretching) so Lucy kept helping her up.

They spent about 1/2 an hour on this slide. By the time they were done, there was no snow left on it.

My little snow angel.
By the time we got home at 12:30 they were so exhausted that they ate lunch and went down for a rest with no complaints. Lucy slept about an hour...Kate did not sleep but at least she stayed in my bed with the lights off for an hour.

Today was back to school as we finally made it out of the alley...but coming home was dicey. I managed to get stuck trying to back into our garage--the snow is just piled up everywhere so there is simply no turning radius to get into our space. But I got very lucky. We have one spot in a three car garage and neither of the other two cars were in their spaces today so I managed to finagle my way (with some help from neighbors pushing my car) into the two car spot. Then I did about a 55 point turn to get my car from a sideways position in a two car spot into a straight position in my one car spot. This is no easy feat as there is a post in between my garage spot and the other two.

The pics below were taken back in January 2011 when all three spots were filled but it will give you an idea of how much snow is in our alley (it's pretty comparable) and how much maneuvering I had to do to get into our garage spot. I'm not quite sure what I'll do when our neighbor's cars are parked there!

Here is our car. All this snow gets shoveled up against the walls and fences so there is only one narrow lane down the center. If you veer off the main snow rut, you get stuck. Thus, no place to turn.
A view of our spot and the other two spots in our garage. The snow is already up to the top of the fence across the alley.
So I basically backed in at an angle into the two car spot and then inched forward and backward until I could get our car straight in. 
So that wasn't fun and I'm dreading the next week or so of this every time I leave the house. I miss summer.

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