Saturday, February 14, 2015

Well I thought it was good news (possible new cancer site)

I just returned from my oncology checkup at MD Anderson in Houston, happy that all had gone well. I met with Dr. Zagars in Radiology Oncology and he assured me that my tumor was continuing to show signs of shrinkage. He checked my abdomen and said all felt fine and that my MRI scans had indicated all was going well. He released me from my 9 month checkups and said to return in a year.

Then I get home and check the website for the report. Nothing is entered yet from the radiology department but I did notice that Dr. Zagars had filled out his report with this little note tucked in amongst the positives:

She had a pelvic MRI performed yesterday and the lesion continues to decrease in size but there is mention of a poorly defined new area in the pectineus muscle. I will have this reviewed in the Sarcoma Tumor Board next week.  I believe that her disease continues to show a response to treatment. The patient will return in 1 year with a repeat MRI of the pelvis pending a review of her imaging next week.

Uh. What? This was not mentioned AT ALL in our discussion! WTF?! And now it's Saturday night and they are closed until Tuesday for the holiday. I cannot believe he didn't at least mention that this was being discussed. Why in god's name would he tell me "all is ok, see you in a year, all is well!" when clearly he is concerned about a possible new lesion.

So now I'm trying not to worry but of course I am. I feel like I would be less worried if he had at least informed me...it's my body and I have a right to all the information that he has, even if it's just a suspicion at this point.

Oh, and Happy Valentine's day.

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Elizabeth said...

I just read this and know full well how reading ones reports causes panic. It is like my small poorly preserved sample showing benign and the GI doc wanting to test again! Hang in there Lisa. I am sorry you have to wait until Tuesday. That is hard. Please let us readers know what happens. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. To you know what with cancer, scans and the like!!!


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