Sunday, March 1, 2015

Heart Letter, Month 63

Dear Lucy,

You are 63 months old today.
Can you get over that picture?? I mean, seriously?! You look SO GROWN UP compared to last year. See?
What a difference a year makes. Honestly, you are growing up right before my eyes!

What a good month this has been! You are finally settling in to school work (not just the social aspects of it!) as letters and numbers are starting to make some sense for you. It is such an amazing process to watch as your mind turns over new information and clicks into the correct spot. You've shown a new interest in numbers, spelling and reading, even making up a game for us to play one afternoon. First you sorted out all the letters so they were in groups, then you told me that you had to pick a letter and a corresponding word, memorize it, then be blindfolded while you fit the letter into the correct word.
I think this new-found confidence in school has made you much calmer in temperament as well. You are generally an easy-going person anyway but now I find you to be not-so-quick to melt down when you don't get your way or, if you do, you are much more able (and more importantly...willing) to use your words to figure out a solution to whatever is the problem.

Even though you are writing more than you have in the past, you are still easily frustrated when it doesn't come quickly so you enlisted the help of Scarlett to help you write a love note to daddy and me for Valentine's day. You dictated this note as she wrote:
"Dear Mommy and Daddy, You are the best mommy and daddy. You make me smile and I love you Daddy Cat Hair. I love you Mommy Sweet Head. I love you. Love, Lucy and Kate"

You told me that Scarlette added Kate to it even though it was "all from me!" As for the Daddy Cat Hair, well, that is definitely all you! You love to give us nicknames. You said the Daddy Cat Hair came from the hat hair daddy has every day when he gets home and takes off his snow cap. I'm assuming that means my hair fares better since I got Sweet Head!

It has been a very cold February which seems fitting since our big outing this month was to see Frozen on Ice. You were out of your mind excited about this and sat, enraptured, to the very end.

Although we haven't been able to enjoy the playgrounds much this winter, when we do go you are always all-in and never the first to want to leave, no matter how cold it is.

I have noticed that you are always very solicitous towards those who are younger than you. This was in evidence again this month when we were invited to a Chinese New Year brunch with a new family at your school. Their daughter is not quite 3 years old so you were very careful to be sure she was safe going up and down the stairs. You also spent time just petting her head/back or crooning after her, engaging her to play with you, even though you were playing with toys that you had outgrown.
You exhibit the same nurturing demeanor to your classmates. On this month's field trip, you asked to sit with Poppy (who is also just 3 years old) so you could "be sure she is ok".
You and Kate are very much looking forward to being kindergartners next year as you will then be the oldest in the class, setting the tone for how the little ones are to behave and generally being the leaders.

As for Chinese New Year, we again watched the parade in our neighborhood and although it was not as large as in years past, you were excited nonetheless. You were especially excited that Lucy D. was with us. You are starting to really come in to your "Chinese-ness", embracing your heritage, and were proud to be able to show off "my parade" for "my holiday".

I feel proud to be a mama to such a caring, thoughtful, funny, beautiful girl. You will be an amazingly strong woman one day and I'm so glad I get to be on the journey with you, watching as you come into your own in this world.

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