Thursday, March 26, 2015

It's nothing but a love fest up in here

I think when I last left you, Kate had managed to mangle her mouth pretty good at the playground on Friday. By Monday, most of the swelling had subsided but she was still in some pain and things weren't looking as good as I had hoped inside her mouth so off we went to the dentist. He took an xray to be sure there wasn't anything going on structurally (there wasn't) but he couldn't get any films to see if there was nerve damage to the roots of her baby teeth (she couldn't open her jaw wide enough without pain to get it). He prescribed diaper rash cream (yes, apparently that is what the cleft team uses to help heal wounds post-surgery) and by golly, within one day, her whole mouth looked better. I only used it on the OUTSIDE of her mouth though , and  because it's Kate, I knew she wouldn't lick it off and ingest it.

She spent the rest of the day pretty much lolling on the sofa with Bella as her trusty companion.
Still not feeling well by the evening, Daddy was good for a big bear hug. I can always tell when Kate doesn't feel well as she becomes very cuddly (she is not the touchy-feely one in the family otherwise).
Lucy decided that a family selfie portrait was a good way to end our supper.
These next two pictures pretty much reveal how the evening unfolds in our house. At 4:30, the girls work out which two programs they would like to watch while I fix supper. Then they grab a blanket, settle in and call Bella. Bella hops up, turns around a few times to find just the right spot, and nestles in between them.
And then they are all catatonic for one hour while I peacefully cook in the kitchen.

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