Thursday, March 12, 2015

Love Letter, Month 62

Dear Kate,

You are 62 months old today.
Look how much you've grown since last year!
Yes, some things remain the same: you still love pink, you still love school, you still take forever to get dressed or eat...But think of everything that is new this year. You can read. You can write. You can spell. You can do addition and subtraction...
and now you're learning fractions.

Yesterday you came home with another workbook, completed. That makes 6 workbooks this school year!

We've had a bit of excitement this month celebrating Chinese New Year--the Year of the Ram. We walked to our local CNY parade and watched the Lion Dance in front of one of our favorite noodle restaurants.

Appropriately enough, we ended our day with a bowlful of pho soup.
Ms. Julie came to spend the day with you which was cause for great celebration. I love the bond that you have with her.
We took a field trip with your school to see a play. You were enthralled through the entire thing--I think I spent most of my time watching yours and Lucy's faces instead of the play as you were both so enchanted by it.
We finally got enough snow (and no 50mph wind) to go sledding at Montrose. You, Lucy and Daddy had a blast for a couple of hours!

I started reading to you and Lucy from a chapter book (i.e. no pictures) this month at bedtime and I have to say I was surprised by how riveted you both were. It was Astrid Lindgren's "Pippi Longstocking" and with the exception of a few illustrations, the book was devoid of pictures. I would look at your face while I was reading and I could see you staring into space, forming pictures in your mind of what you were hearing. You loved it and that makes me so happy because that was one of my favorite books as a child too.

As luck would have it, Pancakes with Pippi was this month at the Swedish-American museum (funny how that worked out huh?). We bundled up and walked the 1/2 mile to see Pippi. I must say you were very happy to meet her, telling her about your favorite chapters in her book (The Circus and The Picnic). You also love that she is a Thing-Finder and you told her that your favorite thing to find is money and that you do it every chance you get.

As great as Pippi and Chinese New Year and sledding was combined, the best part of this month for you has been the addition of Bella to our family. You love rubbing your face on her fur and listening for her purr.
You are still learning how to play with her but you seem to have the cuddling part down pat. She's also been a great help to you when your tantrums get the better of you. All I have to do is bring Bella in and get you to talk to her, petting her while you release the tension in your body. Kitties are good for that!
Did you know that I too grew up with a Siamese kitty? Her name was Meiling and she lived to be almost 20 years old. I used to pet Meiling and talk to her when I was stressed or feeling down...she always made me feel better. I think Bella and you will be lifelong friends, just like Meiling and I were!

And now for a few Kate-isms from this month:

At Dinner, after a discussion of Lucy not liking kale in her mac & cheese as much as you do… 
Lucy: When I make dinner, I will always be sure to make something that you like. 
You: As long as it’s not polenta. I really don’t care for polenta.

Every day when it is time for me to prepare supper, you and Lucy are allowed to each pick a show to watch on TV. Your pick for every single day this month has been "Odd Squad" which is basically about smart kids using math to investigate strange occurrences. Oddly enough (see what I just did there?), I've never said this to you but you came up with the description on your own when Daddy asked you:

Why do you like watching Odd Squad so much?
You: Because it's about smart kids solving problems.



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