Sunday, March 8, 2015

Meet Bella

We've been talking about adding to our little family for a couple of months now and yesterday we finally found the baby for us:
We got this picture from a rescue group. She was named Holly and then Princess by the last little girl who had her. Seems she was a bit of a pushover in her last home and was being beaten up by their other cat and ended up hiding in the little girls room for most of the day/night. She was in foster care for less than a week when we got her.

On Friday, we told the girls and they worked on picking out a name. Lucy came up with Bella straightaway and after some back-and-forthing with other options (Milky, Milky-Bella, Blanket, Milly, Magic, Salt), we all agreed on Bella.

She's a 9 month old lynxpoint Siamese and is a real sweetie! She's adapted quite well to the two 5 year olds who are CONSTANTLY waving toys in her face and following her around the house.

I don't know how well you can see it in this picture, but she has nail caps on her claws. I guess her previous owner (a 9 year old girl) adorned her and I think we're going to continue this so our furniture can be saved. She doesn't seem to mind them and they fall off on their own as her nails grow. They come in cool colors too so we picked out glittery blue to match her eyes for the next set!
She's a great lap cat too--loves snuggling on the sofa while the girls watch afternoon cartoons!
Once the girls were in bed, I finally got a turn!
She ended up sleeping in between Len and me last night. Overall, for a kitten, she's pretty low-key and easy care with one exception: she won't drink water out of a bowl, only a faucet. She goes to the bathroom door and meows. When we come see, she jumps up and stands looking pointedly at the faucet. She trained the girls pretty quickly--they hop right to it, turning on the faucet for her and then turning it off. In the meantime, I ordered a bubbling water dish in the hopes that she will use that instead.
Stayed tuned for the adventures of Lucy, Kate and Bella!

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