Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Settling in

Bella seems to be the perfect cat for us. She is quite possibly the mellowist cat I've ever known. She hasn't hissed, bared her teeth, growled, etc. at all. When she's unhappy with what is happening (like an obsessive 5 year old trying to pick her up) she gives a chirp and wiggles out of harm's way. She's not a climber and doesn't like to be up high so her go-to spot to escape the girls is under the bed or sofa. The good thing is that she doesn't stay there for long, especially if the girls get out the cat toys to play instead of insisting on holding her. She's a great lap cat when she's done playing which has made the girls happy during their hour of tv while I fix supper.
She has found her favorite sunny spot near the front windows and when she's not watching the birds and the squirrels, she's doing this.
The nail caps are working wonders! She came with some already on her nails but a few have come off as she sheds. Yesterday, I put some new ones on and she was unbelievably docile for this.

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