Sunday, March 22, 2015

Weekend wrap-up

We had our second ice skating lessons on Saturday. But before we get to that....

Do any other mothers/fathers out there experience what I do on what seems like a fairly regular basis? It seems like every other time we go to the park, one of my kids ends up either bloody, crying, scraped up or all of the above. Friday we went to the playground after school and in the 30 seconds I spent talking to Lucy about not tipping her juice box upside down in the car (she was having a timeout on the bench), Kate managed to fall while running. She came running over to me, crying, blood streaming from her mouth. She had fallen on her cheek and the force of the fall managed to embed her lip/cheek into her mouth jewelry. I had to prise off the side that wasn't stuck in order to loosen the flesh from the other side. It was gruesome.

By Saturday noon, she looked like this
which really doesn't do what is happening to her face justice. Her entire left cheek is now swollen, the outside of it is red and feels quite hot to the touch and the inside, from what I can see with a flashlight, looks chewed up. And her lips are just tragic as well, dry and cracked with sores on the inside. So I've been dutifully applying medication that I had gotten from my dentist recently for some mouth surgery I had done that helped it heal up nicely but I suspect a phone call/visit to her dentist will be in order tomorrow if it doesn't look better. Add to that a cough and low-grade fever and Kate is not a happy girl tonight.

I swear I try not to be a helicopter mom but OMFG! They are going to end up severely maimed or dead at this rate. Between Lucy practically giving herself a concussion jumping off a bed, Kate nearly knocking her teeth out,  Lucy's broken arm and Kate's near-miss blinding on the countertop, things do not bode well for us in the Darwin Awards.

But I digress: earlier on Saturday, we had our 2nd ice skating lessons and even with the swollen cheek, Kate was in better spirits and did not want to miss lessons so off we went. They've gotten quite confident on the skates (Lucy is in the purple snow pants and Kate is in the far back, in the pink pants).
Skating from Lisa on Vimeo.

Later on Saturday, I met up with 3 other women from my book club for a staycation. We started out with tea at the Drake hotel (Kathy, Lisa, me and Betsy)
Then we headed over to the hotel we had booked for our one-night slumber party--the Radisson Blu. We popped open some wine and snacks and had uninterrupted girl talk for a few hours before heading downstairs to supper at 8pm. But not before Betsy raided the linen closet for extra towels...
Turns out we never needed them as we ran out of time to use the pool or gym. We ended up eating, drinking and talking until midnight before settling into the quite comfortable beds.

Betsy and Lisa at supper. As an aside, Betsy is Bella's veterinarian!
 Kathy and me before our supper arrived.
 Our balcony view--that is Navy Pier and Lake Michigan in the distance.
 The view towards Michigan Ave.
I highly recommend this hotel if you are planning a stay in downtown Chicago.

Len took the girls to the Museum of Science and Industry today with some free passes I had gotten so I came home to an empty house and plenty of time to listen to my book for the next book club on Tuesday. When they got home, Kate was flagging in both body and spirit and just wanted to lie in bed which happens to now be Bella's favorite place to nap when the sun is not shining. And wherever Bella is, there goes Lucy so Kate had lots of company in her bed while I finished up our beef and barley soup for supper.
Bella & girls from Lisa on Vimeo.

Bella has been good for the girls--raising their spirits when they don't feel well and keeping us all entertained. She's fabulous with the girls and makes a great snuggle bug at night or for movies on the couch. She's a keeper!

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