Sunday, April 5, 2015

A Happy Hoppy Easter

Easter has been a beautiful Chicago day--sunny and warm, sweater weather. Perfect weather for the Easter dresses we got for the girls.
But let's back up. This weekend has found both girls with a low-grade cold. Kate just has a stuffy nose and a slight cough. Lucy has that and fever. Yesterday she got up to 103.5 so I put her in a tepid bath and plied her with fluids and it came down fairly easily. With some ibuprofen to help her sleep the past few nights, we've managed to muddle through with only a few middle-of-the-night wake-ups. She missed gymnastics and ice skating though and was NOT HAPPY. This was conveyed to me through low-grade whining for the better of 4 hours yesterday while Len and Kate were at said activities. I had to seriously bite my tongue not to threaten the cancellation of Easter if it continued.

Easter arrived on schedule and the girls woke up to find the Easter Bunny had already visited.

The painting kept them occupied while Len slipped out the back door to hide the eggs in the yard.
Kate's chick.
Lucy's bunny.
"Hurry up and open the door MOM!"

Our newest downstairs neighbors and their new baby.
Violet was all decked out.

In less than 5 minutes it was all over.
Back upstairs as the girls were inspecting their loot, Bella found that the empty eggs roll quite nicely.

We ended up with several eggs lost under the couch and tv stand.
Lucy's fever picked back up so before lunchtime she was headed back to bed for a nap.
Kate and I headed out for a walk/bike ride and enjoyed the first spring flowers.

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