Saturday, April 4, 2015

Heart Letter, Month 64

Dear Lucy,

You were 64 months old a few days ago.
We just returned from your very first trip to our nation's capitol, Washington, DC. You were very excited to go because we would be seeing YiaYia and Pappou and meeting a lot of new friends which is right up your alley.
You even got to roll down the hill at the Capitol (Capitol Hill...get it?).
We've had quite a few adventures this month including sledding at Cricket Hill.

We are all learning how to ice skate.
You ditched your ice walker within 5 minutes and never looked back. As with most athletic endeavors, you seem to be a natural.
We started reading the adventures of Pippi Longstocking in preparation for Pancakes with Pippi at the Swedish American Museum. I wasn't sure you would be ok with me reading a "chapter" book to you with only a few illustrations but you sat, night after night, and listened intently. When we would finish a chapter you would beg for "just one more chapter!" You absolutely love Pippi.
 I knew you would--she reminds me of you!
We were invited to a Chinese New Year brunch in Chinatown by your Chinese summer camp teacher. She also invited several other families who take Mandarin lessons with her throughout the year.
In a very odd turn of events, we ended up meeting a little girl , N, at our table, who was also at LuoHe LOCC orphanage when you were. She is only a week younger than you and was adopted the week before we got you through the same adoption agency!

As her mother and I compared notes and I combed through my pictures later that evening, I was so amazed to find her in the few photos I have from your time there.

I am so happy for you that you have another contact from your infancy. As Kate later pointed out, "Just like I have Lina as my friend from when I was a baby, now you have one too!" 

In fact, we now know three children from your time at LuoHe. N is below in the pink, Eli (whose mother contacted me a few years ago) is next to her in yellow and you are in profile.
And here are you and N after brunch a couple of weeks ago:
And now for the third little person from your childhood:
You are center stage and N is in the red shirt and just this week I was contacted by a family in Italy--their son, H, is standing behind you in the green shirt. He was adopted in February 2012, five months after you came home.
How amazing to know you all are now with your forever families, each of you growing strong and healthy, loved beyond imagining.

And learning oh so much! I have to include a picture of your school work from this month. You talked about this map for 2 weeks straight, about how hard you were working and how great it was going to be when you could show it to me. Finally the day came and you were so so proud! And so am I--that was a lot of work!
Let's see, did anything else of significance happen this month....? Hmmm, I don't recall...OH! Right. Silly Mama teasing you like that!

 Bella happened, and your world has not been the same.
You love playing with her but you really love it when she snuggles in for a nap while you watch tv.
 She is your constant companion and you take very good care of her. You feed her every morning and evening, not minding the smell of wet cat food, unlike your sister. Now if I could just get you to scoop that litter box....
You brought this flower home for me last week. A sign of spring you said, a flower to mark the turn of winter into spring. I love that you think of things like that.
I love that you are kind to other children, to animals. I love that you enjoy art, that you are happy, that we keep finding missing links to your life before you came to us, that you are even here in the first place, completing our family. I love your silly faces, your ready smile, your soft hair, and your expressive, beautiful eyes. You are one-of-a-kind, Lucy Juice, and I'm very lucky to call you my daughter.

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