Tuesday, April 7, 2015

How to stretch spring break into 2 weeks....

Lucy has been home from school for the past two days with all the usual cold symptoms plus a high fever. It finally broke last night but I kept her home today so she could take another nap. Yesterday she slept for 2 hours and today she napped for 2 1/2.

But life with only one sick kid is INFINITELY EASIER than it is with two.

Now they have tag-teamed me because I got a call from the school around 11am telling me Kate had a 101 temperature. Once Kate got home, she only half-heartedly complained about having to take a nap and then slept for nearly 4 hours. Her temp was 102.4 this evening so into a tepid bath she went. It looks like the week is shot as Thursday is only a 1/2 day of school and Friday there is no school in order to accommodate parent/teacher conferences.

If they both hadn't cried (literally, there was wailing and tears when I told them they had to stay home) about missing school I might be thinking they wanted an extra week of vacation!

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