Sunday, April 26, 2015


Lacking enthusiasm and determination; carelessly lazy.

Yeah. That pretty much sums up these past two weeks. Oh, I wouldn't say I'm being carelessly lazy but I am surely lacking in enthusiasm and determination. It's probably the weather. I hate spring. What's that? How can I hate spring with all the flowers and warmer temps? Well, that's just it. There was a tiny, tiny hint of warmer weather I-can't-remember-when-ago but then we settled into cold, wet, gray weather and I'm just not suited for it. We even spotted snow flurries on our way to school this week!
So, along with the weather comes a sort of re-hibernation for me. I burrow back into my layers and try to think sunny thoughts. All of that thinking takes work, though, leaving nothing left in my brain for blogging. I don't think I intended to take such a long break but here we are.

Without further whining ado, here's a recap of what we've been up to since I last wrote:

We had a nice-ish day a few weeks back so took advantage at the Botanic Garden, eating our lunch on the terrace outside.
They have free backpacks for kids that you can check out. Ours had binoculars, magnifying glasses and pictures of birds and flowers that you could try to find. Lucy has the bird information out and is identifying the geese.
Sweet allysium mixed in with the cool weather veggies got close inspection.
Looking for more birds but spotted an otter in the pond instead.
Ice skating continues on Saturdays. 

The girls helped me make pizzas for dinner one night. They chopped up an entire can of black olives and nary a finger was cut!

A few handfuls of cheese made it into mouths instead of onto the pizza...
None of us is patient it seems.
Kate and Lucy are practicing their Chinese caligraphy at school. They came home with several notes, all of which I could read (go me!) with one exception:
The top row I understood. It says, "I love you". But the bottom, when I typed it into my translator, came back, "Tony Rolling stone" which, you know, was odd. Kate said maybe she meant to say Uncle Tony. I wrote to her teacher and it turns out that Kate and Qiongwei lao shi gave Bella a Chinese name, "bei la" and those are the characters for it. She does love that cat.

We took a family yoga class last Sunday (as it poured rain outside) which we all enjoyed.

The yoga teacher was surprised to learn that the girls meditate in school every day during circle time. Kate demonstrated her form.
I've been trying to volunteer at their school every week. I really enjoy it and am glad that I can help out. I'm still working on the geology charts for the elementary students. I can usually finish 5-6 drawings in a school day.

On this last chart, I really found myself wishing I was sitting under that palm tree, drink in hand, book on my lap, soaking up the hot, hot, oh-so-hot sun. Can't we just skip this wet, cool, spring and jump straight to summer? I think I must speak like this a little too often because tonight at supper Kate looked at me and said, "You need to live in the moment Mama." I just need my moment to be a little more tropical please.

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Heather H. said...

Ah, I love how children can remember life lessons so well when they get to correct their parents. We, too, saw a smidge if snow in parts of Maine back around the 26th. I, too, have a hard time when spring entails a couple beautiful days in the 70's followed by weeks of cool and damp. Fortunately, I am handling the ups and downs a bit better this year. Sending peaceful thoughts your way.


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