Friday, May 1, 2015

Heart Letter, Month 65

Dear Lucy,

You are 65 months old today.
Guess what you bought with your very own money? A kite! And it matches your shoes which you pointed out as you were deciding which kite to buy (Captain America, for the record). That's my girl--you are the fashion diva and you have taken it to new heights (hey! get it, kite, new heights...so clever that was) by matching your accessories to your hobby. But I digress. You picked a kite which was very appropriate given the turn in our weather this month. Although spring temperatures have been quite reticent to venture higher than 50, the wind has not which made our foray to the lakefront to fly your kite a....breeze! Hahaha.

Oh, I kill me!

You enjoyed flying your kite so much and you were so awesome about sharing with the rest of us who did not buy kites with our money.
The month started out with Easter, which you were very excited to celebrate even though you were just beginning to have what turned out to be a pretty nasty, week-long fever/cold-fest.

Your daddy and I met with your teachers this month for your semester progress report. You are still very much enjoying school and have made great progress with your letters and numbers. More importantly, you are much more interested in learning to read and write than you have been.

Your math work is progressing and you are currently working on the 45 layout associating quantities and numbers from 1-9,000. You are also working on number building of 10-100 using the tens board materials.

In your Target language you can comprehend command sentences and basic conversations in Mandarin. You have mastered simple greetings and expressing certain needs (like "I would like a snack!" which I feel certain you mastered as quickly as possible as snacktime is your absolute favorite time of day) and you are practicing the basic Chinese characters and writing your name in characters. In English you have made great progress in recognizing letters and their sounds as well as in tracing and writing letters.

One of your favorite areas of interest is Practical Life. You enjoy table scrubbing, washing dishes and windows. You were very proud to have washed and dried the biggest cabinet in the classroom, moving all the materials off in order and returning them properly to their places. In Sensorial work, you have mastered seriating sizes, sorting colors, and discriminating different sounds and smells. You have shown a lot of interest in geography and have completed a map of the world and of Asia. You love to draw and paint, cut and paste.

In general remarks, it was noted that you have made great improvement in being gentle and using appropriate language in solving conflicts. You are very diligent and strong-willed in learning as well as in life. You are very excited about being a leader next year when you will be a kindergartner, the oldest year in your three year class.

Although you are growing up in so many ways, your body still insists on slowing you down on a regular basis.
When given the opportunity, you will still nap for 1-1 1/2 hours every day. With school, your nap usually means a 1/2 hour power nap during the car ride home but on the weekends, you can still rock a nap like nobody I know. That is, once I can get you in there and calmed down. What precedes your nap are the accusations (It's not FAIR that Kate doesn't have to take a nap! You're going to have fun without meeeeee!) and tears. But without the nap you are so miserable by the time supper rolls around (involuntary body movements and lots of yelling resulting in a less-than-pleasant dinnertime and bath) that I would rather face your pre-nap anger any day of the week.

Mostly though, you are a happy girl. All you seem to need is love, sleep, food, exercise and fashionable, matching outfits and accessories!

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