Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Love Letter, Month 64

Dear Kate,

You are 64 months old today.
Spring has sprung and with the volatile weather patterns comes your volatile mood swings. One moment you are a peaceful yogi, all meditative and serene; next moment you are a raging ball of tantrumming nerves. God help us all when you hit puberty.

With the spring weather comes more outdoor time and we've been enjoying as much of it as we can from running up hills to swinging to mastering the climbing rings to kite flying.

You really enjoyed kite flying...so much that it showed up in your artwork at school.
You got out your rocks and shells this month but then didn't know what you should do with them. I told you that you used to make pretty little vignettes but you said you had no idea how to do them anymore. Oh, it nearly broke my heart because I then realized that you hadn't been doing that for more months than I could remember. I found a picture or two of your old creations and you just sat in the floor with them for the longest time trying to figure out how to start.
But inspiration finally hit (and Bella kept trying to play with any stray pieces you had left out) and in an effort to keep her from batting all your stuff under the sofa, you made another one.
You wanted me to note that you had placed the tiny shells on top of the larger ones, "like little jewels".

Speaking of Bella, your love affair continues. She loves to sleep in your bed while you are in school and then snuggle up with you for afternoon tv.
You and Qiongwei lao shi gave Bella a Chinese name so you could write, "I love you Bei la".
You seem to have developed my habit for list-making. You came home with strips of paper upon which you had made two lists. One contained items that you noticed were needed at school: glue stick for the school, glue for the school. The other contained a list of what you needed to do: school tomorrow, breakfast tomorrow, lunch tomorrow, dinner tomorrow, dessert tomorrow, bed tomorrow, list of things to do.
You wrote a few things in your secret diary...and then ripped them out and shared them with me so I guess the words were not so secret after all. The first one said: "My family is the best of all They feed me and love me." At first you had ended it with "...They feed me" but Lucy made a face at you so you added, "and love me" and Lucy said, "That's much better."
Your second note read, "I feel happy but I am starving." 
Both of these notes are pretty appropriate for what has been happening this month. You are eating like a teenage boy. We went out to your favorite restaurant, Sun Wah BBQ, this month and astounded nearly everyone with how much you ate. I counted 5 pork dumplings, 4 bao filled with duck, 1/2 a serving plate of baby bok choy, the duck butt, 3 bowls of turkey broth and 1 serving of rice.

On another outing for dim sum with Zadie you polished off most of the duck, and many dumplings.
I think all of this food is going into your height and not your weight. You still weigh 40 lbs but you have shot up almost 2" and your feet have grown to a size 11.

And now for a few Kateisms:

You: "The boys (in our class) don't understand the concept of show and tell. 
Me: Why? What do they do?
You: They play around and don't listen and laugh at what we bring. It's annoying." 
That last sentence is said with a heavy sigh and much eye-rolling.

Me: Where did you get this giant scrape on your knee?
You: I fell down when the boys were chasing me.
Me: Why were the boys chasing you?
You and Lucy talking simultaneously: The boys chase the girls at the playground. But not all the girls play, only us, Scarlette, Avery, etc...
Me: Why don't you ask them to stop?
You: Oh, I quite like it.

When I asked what you liked about it, you just grinned slyly and clammed up. Can I just say for the record that you are MUCH TOO YOUNG to be "quite liking" being chased by boys.
I sometimes forget, because you talk to me like a grownup and are able to articulate your wants/needs, that you are not even 5 1/2 years old. I think your meltdowns are your way of reminding me to take a step back, to give you the space to take a few steps back and relax from all of your growing up. I promise to do my best to listen. To hold you a little longer. And to kiss your boo boos--even the ones I cannot see.

I love you Katiebug.


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