Saturday, June 20, 2015

First Lemonade stand/Nana/Bella

Our neighborhood held a sidewalk sale today, going to the trouble to obtain the permits (who knew you needed a city permit to hold a sidewalk sale??), so we joined in and unloaded a lot of stuff. This was the person responsible for organizing 40 families.
The girls agreed to sort through their vast collection of old toys, books and stuffed animals while I cleaned out some closets and kitchen cabinets. It was quite liberating!

The girls decided they wanted to sell lemonade as well so we set it all up. We did have one Chinese family stop and buy 4 cups (and leave a nice tip) when they learned that both girls could talk to them in Mandarin!
Lucy spent most of her time with Ms. Laura, our downstairs neighbor, who braided her hair and played "Rock Paper Scissors".
Kate played as well but soon realized that she could make more money than her sister if she manned the table more consistently.
Their small stand made just over $36 as many people were very generous and gave much more than the .05 they were charged. I was amazed to see how confident they became as the day wore on...they went from barely whispering, "Would you like some lemonade?" to people's backs as they walked by to standing right in front of them, blocking the sidewalk, making eye contact and asking strongly, "WOULD YOU LIKE SOME LEMONADE? IT'S 5 CENTS!" 

We wrapped it up by donating all the remaining unsold toys/goods to a local charity, ordering some pizza and calling it done. Soon after eating a very early supper, Lucy fell asleep on me while Kate and Len walked to the drycleaners.
Unfortunately, her short nap that late in the day has resulted in her inability to fall asleep tonight. She's been in and out of bed at least 5 times in the past hour.
On another note, Nana was here for the past 2 weeks, helping out with the girls as Lucy recovered from her surgery. She left today and I realized that we took next to no pictures save for a couple one day when it wasn't raining and/or 50 degrees. We managed a short walk along the lakefront before Lucy complained that her face was hurting so we headed home for popsicles and more rest.

And on one more note, Bella turned one year old today! Happy birthday Bella!
Bella's version of television is sitting in this window where the squirrels and birds tease her on the tree right outside.
Is there anything more content than a cat asleep in the sun?

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