Friday, June 12, 2015

Love Letter, Month 65

Dear Kate,

You are 65 months old today.
And there you are on your very last day of preschool. School ended June 4 and you had mixed feelings about it.
You were very sad to see school end because "I will miss my teachers and doing my work" but you are happy for summer "because we get to go to Florida and swim and see our family and friends."

This year we attended the kindergarten graduation so you both could see what you will be doing next year and to say goodbye to your friends who are moving on to elementary school. You had memorized the songs they performed and sang with gusto when the time came.
You will miss Scarlette the most since you two worked together quite a bit this year.

Your other big accomplishment this month was performing solo in your first flute recital. You played Mary's Theme in front of approximately 20-25 people and did quite well. Your daddy and I are always amazed at how poised and confident you are.
You do love the attention from grown-ups though and I suspect this is what drives you to perform. We were lucky enough to have supper with my new Chinese teacher and her husband this month and you were over-the-moon happy to meet someone new that you could dazzle with your ever-expanding language skills. She talked to you most of the evening in Chinese and was impressed both that you could respond and sound like a native speaker.

Your penpal letters with Yia Yia are still keeping you busy. This month you received some shells that she found while on vacation and she asked if you knew what creatures had lived in them. I taught you how to use a search engine on the computer so you could answer her letter.

Now that summer is almost here, we've been spending a lot more time outside. You and Lucy both decided that T-Ball was for babies and that Daddy needed to pitch instead. And by golly you hit it about 75% of the time.
Warmer weather means farmer's markets and eating a lot more fresh spring veggies. You are most definitely a veggie girl and were quite happy to help me prepare asparagus for our dinner one night.
 Bella seems to have a special love affair going on with you. I think she knows that you are secretly the cat person in this house. She hopped into your chair at suppertime one night much to your surprise.
She frequently nestles in amongst your stuffed animals while you're getting ready for bed, perhaps hoping we won't notice her between the panda and the monkey when it's time for lights out.
And she loves trying to get you to play with her by grabbing your head while you're sitting on the sofa.

I love that you have this bond with her. I still remember the cat I grew up with and how much companionship she gave to me all those years.

And now for a few Kate-isms this month:

As we were getting out of the car after it rained I said, Wow! It's hot and steamy out here now.
You replied: That's called evaporation.

You: Where's Lotion Bear?
Me: If he's not in your drawer then he's probably in the pile of junk under your bed.
You: That pile...is my stuff...and it's important to me.

Mommy word-filter fail.

Thank you for reminding me to mind my words and to be considerate of others and their belongings.

But you really do have a lot of important items piled under your bed that deserve a better home....


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Kelleyn Rothaermel said...

Happy Summer! As my mother says one mans junk is another mans treasure. I am with you though mostly junk. I have a hard time fighting the battles of my kids piles of stuff over running our house.


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