Saturday, June 13, 2015

Midsommarfest 2015

We've spent the last 3 days laying pretty low, trying to keep Lucy calm and rested in order to give her face time to heal. It's harder than it should be. Lucy has a pretty high pain tolerance and an incredible need for physical stimulation, neither of which is conducive to the "quiet activities" per the surgeon's orders. The weather has just been dreadful as well, going from a high in the mid-90s on Wednesday to the upper 50s on Thursday and only a smidge higher yesterday but with rain. So when today dawned sunny and warm, we decided to walk to Midsommarfest, Andersonville's big summer festival.

First up was lunch at Andies as it was an easy place to get soft foods so Lucy wouldn't feel left out. Hummus, baba ganoush, soft pita, and rice salad fit the bill. And we got a seat right in the open window on the sidewalk so we could watch all the action at the festival.
Next on the menu was face painting. Since Lucy's face is still tender, we asked if they could paint a necklace for her.
Kate tried her skills on the wall climb...
while Lucy showed everyone how to properly hula hoop nonstop.
The slide seemed like it might be safe enough for Lucy to go down, as long as she went down by herself on her back. First up was Kate.

I've noticed that they will spontaneously hold hands when they are waiting to do something new together.
Lucy's turn!
Elsa and Anna performed "Let it Go" on one of the stages and then posed for pictures afterwards, much to everyone's delight.
Lucy wanted a picture with one of the drag queens.
Nana joined us later for supper. She arrived on Sunday but started feeling poorly yesterday so she rested in our quiet house all afternoon. Although the day was nice and warm, the wind turned in the late afternoon, coming off the lake and dropping the temperature a good 10-15 degrees, making a big bowl of steaming pho seem like a good idea.

I took a peek into Lucy's mouth yesterday. She can't open it very wide as she is quite swollen and it hurts, but I got a glimpse. It's pretty gnarly and I can't get over how very brave and strong she is to endure all this.
Yesterday we ended up putting her on antibiotics as her face started to swell even more and was red and hot to the touch, indicating infection. After 2 doses, the swelling receded and the fever left her face and this morning she felt a lot better. She's down to just ibuprofen and the antibiotic every 6 hours. It's incredible how quickly children heal!

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