Monday, June 22, 2015

The iguana at the pool

File this post under "Things you don't see everyday."

Let me back up a bit. Yesterday was a spectacular day as days go for Chicago. It was sunny, hot but a bit breezy. A good day for the pool. Now if the pool had been warmer all things would be perfect but it is Chicago and we've had very cool weather so the pool temp was hovering around 70 degrees which makes it colder than the natural springs in FL that I considered freezing when I lived there.

Right. Back to the story thread. So we head to the pool and in we all go, goosebumps and gasping from cold water shock notwithstanding.

The girls then notice that an iguana has made a sudden appearance at the lifeguard table. Children are flocking to it.
All of the kids lose interest within a couple of minutes except Lucy. She is enthralled much to the delight of the iguana's owner. She and Lucy chat and pet the iguana for nearly 10 minutes when the owner asks if Lucy would like to hold her.
Lucy enthusiastically says yes!
Seeing her sister holding the iguana got Kate out of the pool, hustling over to see what was going on. She finally was brave enough to touch it.
And then she quietly asked if she, too, could hold the iguana. She went back to put on her robe as the cold water from Kate's swimsuit doesn't suit iguanas too well. And that's when it climbed out of her arms and on top of her head.

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Heather H. said...

Cool. Great memories.


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