Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Heart Letter, Month 67

Dear Lucy,

You are 67 months old today.
Yes, that is you, helping me garden while wearing a turtleneck sweater dress. To say that summer has been a bit chilly would be an understatement. Oh, we've had a few warmish days (which we took full advantage of at the pool and beach)

but mostly we have been rocking the fleece jackets and rain gear. On one particularly rainy day we headed to the movie theatre to see the new kid's movie, Inside Out. It was only your second time at the theatre but you loved every minute of it. The 3D glasses only added to the fun.
We started out the month with an ending: your last day of preschool.
The next day we attended the kindergarten graduation so you could help your friends Scarlette, Reezy and Malakai celebrate.

You were sad to say goodbye to your friends and teachers for the summer but overall, you were pretty excited to be starting some new adventures.
Do you see the red dot on your forehead in that last picture? You had a matching one on your arm as well. Although you kept insisting you weren't very worried about the other big event this month (surgery to repair your cleft fistula), your constant picking at your skin and fingers told me otherwise.

You were still all smiles on the morning of your surgery, putting on a brave face as you were wheeled to the OR.

When it was all over and the pain meds I promised would be available were working, your normal, happy self kicked in.

You are so very strong in the face of some very scary things...things that make even adults fearful. I know that you were worried and my hope is that you will learn to talk more about how you are feeling instead of keeping it all inside, only to have it escape subconsciously in self-harm. When you surround yourself with people who love you (and you have a very good head start in that area!), you can lean on them for strength when you feel weak. There is no shame in asking for support. A widely known fact that most people forget is that your loved ones WANT to help, in any way that they can, even if it just means sitting with you so you don't feel alone. This advice is good for the rest of your life: no expiration date on that one m'lady!

Nana came to visit (and to help---see advice above) which made you happy.
You healed quickly and soon we were back to life as normal (minus crunchy food...you have one more week without it I'm afraid). And normal in our family means some pretty strange stuff like holding an iguana during our trip to the pool.
We had a sidewalk sale this month. You and Kate decided you wanted to sell lemonade. It was a success, raking in $36 and providing you with a boost in your self-confidence as you offered lemonade and received a huge tip...and a hard lesson in accepting rejection when people said no.
Summer (such as it is) in Chicago means festivals, so we headed to a few this month. First up was Midsommarfest, just a few days post-surgery.

Next up was the Dragon Boat Festival in Chinatown.

And lastly was the Long Grove Strawberry Festival.

And now for some Lucyisms:

As you looked out the window wondering about the pipes that were sticking out of the roof, you asked:
You: Mama, what are those pipes for?
Me: Those are exhaust pipes.
You: They're tired?

Dr. Vicari said I could do activities at my own 'paste'.

Me: I'm parenting you.
You: That means directing.
Me: That's very observant. But parenting also means lots of other things like feeding you, teaching you things, kissing boo boos...
You: and picking noses!

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Heather H. said...

Love the Lucyisms.


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