Thursday, July 9, 2015


Just for fun, we gave the girls our old pedometers to see how they would stack up against our steps taken. Let's just say, they won, hands down. My day ended with 13,110 steps , Len's with 11,800 steps. Now the bigger question: who do you think got more steps, Kate or Lucy?
I have to say I was completely surprised by the results. Kate had by far more steps than Lucy did. And neither of them had a nap or rest yesterday so you can't even factor in that downtime as the reason.

Speaking of yesterday, the weather has been downright chilly again. We are back in fleece jackets. This is the last week of tennis camp and I have been taking advantage of my kid-free hour by walking along the lakefront downtown--a completely different view of the city than my usual walk further north.

My walk started near NW Hospital with a view of the harbor.

North Ave. beach with a view of the Hancock, the Westin and the Drake Hotels.
Looking out towards the Harbor Lighthouse.

Navy Pier with the Ferris Wheel taking center stage.
Back at tennis camp, they were working on bouncing their ball down and catching it with their racket.

Next up was hitting the ball to the fence.

Julie came in the afternoon so I could get some work done around the house but I just could not get warm so I took a break and walked to Pho Lily for a big bowl of steaming hot pho soup.  I went face down into this. So so good.

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