Wednesday, July 8, 2015

The Fourth

Summer decided to make a grand entrance for the Fourth of July here in Chicago (it has since retreated to wherever Chicago summer goes when it hovers in the low 60s in JULY!). We took advantage with a full day of OUTSIDENESS.

The beach was the site of our daytime activities. The lake temperature is still hovering around 62 but we all braved it this time around. My girls are definite water babies...it was the first thing they wanted to do when we got there.

I get a lot of comments about their swim caps. Honestly, it helps me find them in the water, especially when I'm by myself and/or there are a lot of swimmers. I just look for two pink flowery heads and I'm good.

Back on land, the serious work of sand reassignment begins.
Relocating wet sand from the shore is a top priority but requires teamwork.

Taking a break from all the togetherness of the morning, we all retire to separate areas of our little camp after lunch. I actually managed to read a few chapters of a non-child-rearing related book.

Back in the water.

Lucy, with next-to-no body fat, is first back to the hot sand to warm up.

We walked home in the late afternoon, got showered up and had some supper before we headed to Winnemac Park for local fireworks. We got there around 8:45 which is almost an hour past their summer bedtime. Both girls were looking a bit dazed at this point but insisted they wanted to see the fireworks.

We got a spot very close to one of the ball fields but what's nice is that fireworks are set off on 3-4 separate ball fields in the park making for a theatre-in-the-round experience.

Tired monkeys.

The fireworks were still going strong when the girls asked to leave for bed at 9:45. I think this may have been the first time in her life that Kate has voluntarily asked to go to bed when she wasn't sick.

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Heather H. said...

Beautiful evening.


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