Tuesday, August 18, 2015

2015 Air and Water Show

We got passes to the Chicago Air and Water show sponsor's hospitality area again and it was a lovely Saturday. We had been getting excited for the show as the Blue Angels had been practicing their maneuvers Thursday and Friday, turning around to go back up the shore over our house. The girls and I ran outside each day, up to the top deck of the building and watched them zoom by.

We got there just before they started serving lunch so we grabbed some water and popcorn and headed to the beach for seats.

The Coast Guard performed a simulated water rescue. They said the Lake Michigan water temp. was hovering around 70 degrees which probably felt pretty good since the day was pretty hot.

Fortified with hot dogs and fruit, the girls enjoyed watching the show.

A view from our area south, towards North Ave. Beach.

One of the jets simulating what landing looks like on an aircraft carrier. You can see the hook at the back of the plane.

The purple plane had a special paint on it that would change colors depending on the angle from which you were viewing it and how the sun reflected off of it. You can just see how some of the plane is blue around the edges--when they changed directions the whole plane would be blue and then it would turn back and be red, then purple again.

Another simulated water rescue, this time by the Chicago Water Rescue team.

The Breitlings were the opening act for the Blue Angels.

Meanwhile, the girls had befriended another girl and they joined forces to dig a giant hole. We had already been at the show for 3 hours at this point so they were pretty much over it.

The police were confiscating all alcohol from the public beaches which made it seem doubly illicit that not only did we have beer, but it was free and ice cold.
Finally the Blue Angels arrived to dazzle us. I cannot get over how close these guys are, flying anywhere from 400-800mph.
You can see everyone is now standing, focused on the acrobatics above them. Not so with the littles. They only looked up when two of the jets did a very low pass at over 1,000mph that was so deafening everyone jumped. By the time you heard the jet, it was way out over the water, long gone.

You can just make out a blob of jets turning around for another pass (they are in-between the two tallest buildings).
Seriously, how do they do this??
At some point, clouds started rolling in and the wind turned to cool things off . The sun reflecting on this cloud caught the attention of all the photographers for a brief moment.

And that was that. It was a great show although we learned later that one of the parachuters in the opening act hit a building and later died from his injuries. We got there about 45 minutes after the show started and fortunately missed watching that happen. Such a sad and tragic accident.

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