Friday, August 21, 2015

Annual physicals

Since we've returned from vacation, I've been shuttling the girls to various appointments required for kindergarten. Kate had an eye exam:

She passed. Lucy had hers back in January and since insurance only covers one exam/calendar year, we just had them fill out the school forms based on that test.

Next up was a visit to the dentist for those forms to be filled out. Lucy is out of her mouth jewelry (palate expander) for now until her fistula is healed. Kate had a new mold taken for another expander. We'll go pick that up in 2 weeks.

Today was physical day. Both are healthy and thriving, nothing major to note. Here are their updated stats (last year's numbers are in parenthesis).

Kate: Height: 43 1/4" (40 1/2")    Weight: 43 1/4 lbs (37 lbs)
Lucy: Height: 45 1/4" (43")          Weight: 43 lbs (39 lbs)

Kate is having a growth spurt and is closing the gap between them. They are almost identical in weight and the height difference is less than it was last year. He didn't measure their feet but they are very different. Lucy is in kid size 12: although her feet are very narrow, they are long. Kate is in a kid size 11-11.5 but her feet are wide so finding the right shoes are harder. They don't make many kid's shoes in wide widths but size 12 is much too long, making her heel come out when she walks.

Dr. E got stethoscopes for both of them to use, listening to each other's heartbeats and then to mine and then Dr. E's. He showed them his carotid artery and they listened to that as well. Listening through the stethoscope was a good way to test their hearing.

They dodged getting a vaccination today as he used up all 24 of his varicella vaccines this week. We'll hold off until after Lucy's surgery (which is next Wednesday). Since school doesn't start until September 8, we've got a bit of time yet to take care of that.

We went to the playground after the appointment where the girls practiced climbing the OUTSIDE of the various slides. It really doesn't matter how much playgrounds are designed to maximize safety, kids will make up their own challenges!

Lucy's latest accomplishment, that she has been working on for a couple of weeks, is climbing poles. She tries on nearly every sign post as we have our evening walks but they are a larger circumference than playground poles so she has trouble getting a good grip. Today she skinnied up the pole at this park with no problem:
Pole climbing from Lisa on Vimeo.

As mentioned, Lucy is having surgery again on Wednesday to repair her gumline where the Actifuse is showing through. We'll also have him take a look at her nose. It has been bleeding a bit. Dr. E took a look inside and it looked red but he couldn't see any stitches remaining. Lucy still complains of tenderness so we'll have the surgeon take a deeper look while she's under anesthesia.

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