Friday, August 7, 2015

Cleft fistula surgery, Part Deaux

Lucy is still feeling tender around her surgery site and in a new place; her back right molar area. I kept checking her surgery site as we were on vacation and kept seeing white stuff which I thought was just food and since I didn't want to dig around in there, I figured it would eventually be flushed out with rinsing or brushing. No such luck. We visited the surgeon for a checkup this week and it turns out that what we are seeing is the actifuse that isn't completely covered by gumline.
So it's back in for surgery to fix it. She's scheduled for August 26. This should be a relatively quick procedure with just a few stitches required to make it right. Fingers crossed.

As for the pain in her molar region: I looked in and it appeared that her back tooth was almost completely covered by her gums which were a bit swollen. A trip to the dentist revealed that she is getting one of her 6 year molars which just set Kate off with "That's NOT FAIR that Lucy gets her teeth first! I want my grown-up teeth! She already gets to wear bigger shoes AND she's taller than me AND NOW the tooth fairy is going to come to her FIRST!!"

How to explain to a 5 year old that foot size, tooth eruption and loss, and one's height are not anything in my (or her or Lucy's) control? THIS is when having virtual twins totally sucks. Because of course Lucy just smiled like a Cheshire cat and started wondering ALOUD about how much money the tooth fairy was going to give her if her teeth fall out first. #pokingthebear

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